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What Is Affiliate Marketing? An Affiliate Marketing Beginners’ Guide

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You’ve no doubt heard the term affiliate marketing whilst browsing the internet. It’s often touted as the number one way to make money online at the moment and for good reason – top affiliate marketers make very good money. So, what is affiliate marketing and is it here to stay?

The phrase “affiliate marketing” is used to describe a marketing system which uses affiliates to make sales in exchange for a percentage of the profit made. For example: Acme Compuer Company want to sell more computers, so they offer Bob a cut of the profits on any sale that he brings to them. Acme sell more than they would have done without Bob, and Bob makes money without having to worry about customer service, stock, or handling the cash.

It’s very possible for you or I to set up an online affiliate marketing business and be making a very good living with a relatively short period of time. Don’t let this fool you into thinking that it’s an easy ride though – you’re going to have to learn the ropes well. Affiliate marketing is a very competitive arena these days and, whilst success is within anyone’s reach, it’s not without it’s pitfalls.

One of the largest affiliate marketing areas is in digital products – products which can be instantly downlaoded, like ebooks. These product have large profit margins and allow for greater commissions. Many affiliate marketers get started by promoting digital products from websites such as Clickbank.

As you first start to wonder “What is affiliate marketing” and research the possibilities, you’ll no-doubt come across many digital products. Whilst these are probably the best place to get started, physical products can produce very lucrative businesses too.

If you’re considering studying and undertaking affiliate marketing as a possible income, you should make sure that you’re fully aware of the pitfalls. Affiliate marketing is very competitive at the moment and without knowing a few simple but very necessary techniques, you won’t last long and may even end up losing a considerable amount of cash in your attempts to get going.

To get started with affiliate marketing, you should find a very good affiliate marketing study program. This is easier said than done, as there are many bogus ebooks and courses out there, which profess to be the next big affiliate or interet marketing mecca, but never actually deliver. When it’s time to buy study materials, be very wary.

What is affiliate marketing going to do for you? As with anything like this, that all depends on you, but affiliate marketing success can be very liberating, allowing you to build an internet based business, work from wherever you want to be, and enjoy more free time.

For some great beginners’ info about how to avoid the pitfalls of affiliate marketing, read Chris Denver’s Affiliate Marketing Journey (you’d pay a lot of money for some of the stuff that Chris gives away about half way down this page!). For even more on the subject, try What Is Affiliate Marketing? .

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Affiliate Marketing Advice For Beginners

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In this article I will provide some affiliate marketing advice for beginners. As a business model affiliate marketing continues to provide an excellent source of income for people who want to pursue it.

It’s easy to get started in affiliate marketing so many people do try to make money this way. Because it’s easy this can be both a blessing and a curse.

Many affiliate marketers join new programs every day without making any money in the programs they joined yesterday. he first bit of advice I would offer to you is take a long-term approach to affiliate programs that you join.

Do not join a program unless you’re going to actively promote it and try to make money from it. One of the best ways to do that is to purchase the product you are going to promote.

If you’re going to promote other types of affiliate offer such as Google Adsense or Cost Per Action programs you want to learn as much as you can before you start promoting them. Whether you’re selling a product or doing affiliate marketing in other ways it’s always good to know is much you can about the program or service you are promoting.

Where you going to find products to promote? Affiliate networks are a good place to start.

Some of these are easy to get approved for such as Max Bounty or ClickBank. Others might be a little more difficult and going to a site such as Offer Vault will provide tips as well as sources for popular affiliate networks you can join.

You need to quickly learn as many traffic generation strategies as you possibly can. This is generally what will separate the men from the boys and the women from the girls.

Because many people join affiliate programs without a lot of money to spend its natural to try and generate free traffic in various ways.

Video marketing is a good way to do this. So is blogging and bookmarking your blog posts.

Either way you will need to be able to generate content which will require writing some articles. You can find plenty of training on this online at sites such as Ezine Articles.

Pay traffic works if you have some money to get started with. Pay per click advertising, or PPC ads, is the fastest way to get this going.

These are a few tips for beginners getting starting out in affiliate marketing. You can find more affiliate marketing advice by Google searching “affiliate marketing forums” and hanging out and learning at your own pace.

Jeff Schuman invites you to visit his affiliate marketing advice website for free training. Visit it now to find one real way you can finally make money online!

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Why Affiliate Marketing Is Such A Lucrative Business Model For Beginners

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When a business is operated between merchants and sales people and marketed by an online process, it is termed as affiliate marketing. It is a kind of marketing where the person does not have to manufacture the product. A third party manufactures the product, which is then sold by the sales team. In such a case, the online merchants are called affiliate merchants and the sales person is known as an affiliate. This kind of marketing is generally based on broadcasting media like the Internet.

It would be interesting to know how the network of affiliate marketing is done. It is formed with a group of affiliate merchants and affiliates. With the aim of advertising the concerned products, the merchants and the affiliates join hands to earn their commission. The merchants get in touch with affiliates from all over the world. The affiliates though are not bound to any merchant. Commissions are paid to them after they have achieved their sales target. Thus one might say that affiliate marketing has contributed heavily to online business besides it has been equally successful in reaching to prospective customers.

This online business model is so successful in meeting the required targets that now days almost each and everyone follows such an affiliate program., eBay, etc are some of the finest examples of affiliate marketing that have reached the peaks of success after opting this methodology.

If one wishes to make money through this affiliate Internet marketing there are certain things that one needs to pay attention to. This includes having knowledge about the proper usage of affiliate marketing tools. Some of the common types of affiliate marketing tools are web page banners and web advertisement. In many cases the concerned companies offer the affiliates a variety of tools for which they are working. With the growing popularity of affiliate marketing now days there are tools that guide one in building a website and also teaches about web hosting and html. So, it is clear that in order to be successful in affiliate business, marketing tools play an important role.

A good research is important to choose from a wide variety of affiliate programmes and find out which one will bring in more money. Generally, most of the affiliate programmes can be joined for free though there are some programmes that present a compensation rate that ranges from 25% to 35%. It is true that researching and comparing rates of compensation, consumes a lot of time, but at the end of the day one will find that the monetary benefits are worth the trouble.

It is also advisable to check with the details of the company with which one is working and what others think about the same.

For those new to this type of business, affiliate marketing is best because of the several reasons. For starters they can work from home, which allows more flexibility. Added to this the working hours are flexible and one works on ones own terms. Through affiliate marketing one can find ways of making a good living. Due to all these reasons affiliate marketing is gaining popularity among those who want some flexibility in their mode of working.

With affiliate marketing one can cover a wide range of products. They are not limited to one type of service or product only. It is a good opportunity for fresher s because they have an exposure of selling a wide variety of products and services. Once a person is familiar with the whole format he can easily widen his range of products and as a result increase earnings.

Investment expenditure and advertisement costs are less for affiliate marketing. So, for those who are facing cash problems, affiliate marketing can prove to be of tremendous help as well as very advantageous.

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Affiliate Programs — The Beginners’ Explanation Of Affiliate Programs

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So you want to know about affiliate programs and affiliate marketing?

Let me ask you to think about something for a moment. Why is it that a bunch of people are much more successful working together rather than working as individuals, be it a football team or an army or a commercial company!

The answer you may be thinking of is “teamwork”. What makes a team? A group of people with *complementary* skills that work towards a common goal or objective. Now teamwork becomes a really powerful concept when you think about it that way.

**The online version of this concept is known as an affiliate program**

By the way, other names for affiliate programs are associate programs and referral programs.

Basically the idea is, you as a marketer become an affiliate for a product vendor known as an affiliate merchant or merchant for short. This means you promote the merchant’s product or products and for every sale, the merchant pays you a commission.

It is critical that you carefully study any merchant’s terms and conditions before you start promoting their products. Firstly there are certain promotions that the merchant does not allow and secondly you need to know about your commissions and how you get paid.

Some merchants pay for every sale to a customer that you refer others pay you for every referral even if the customer doesn’t buy anything immediately. The latter is not as common as the former but does happen in very competitive markets.

Now you may be a business or product owner yourself. Then it is extremely important that you set up your own affiliate program – and don’t worry that does not mean you have to do anything technical like write computer programs. There are plenty of ‘point and click’ systems that help you get set up very quickly and easily.

The important factor for you is that your affiliate program will attract many affiliates to promote your products. These affiliates will in turn refer many thousands or often tens of thousands more people to your products and services that you would never have come across. Just one promotion by one of the affiliates can significantly boost your website visitors, sales and profits.

I want you to note something. Affiliates continuously build up a “following” on the Internet. You should do this because building a relationship with your followers gives you major influence and therefore the ability to generate sales by recommending products that you have researched and believe in.

This following can be a healthy number of regular (and increasing) visitors to your websites or most often a highly productive mailing list to keep you in touch with your followers, known as subscribers.

Let me tell you, this use of affiliates is one of the top 3 secrets of the world’s most successful online vendors. So whether you become an affiliate or a merchant, affiliate programs are critical to your success.

I hope you’re beginning to see how this relationship between the affiliates and merchants works for both parties. But this also works extremely well for the customers too. The reason is, the customers get to find out about products that they’d never have discovered by themselves. More importantly, the customers see useful analysis of a pre-vetted product from a professional (the affiliate) that the customer may not be equipped to do, even if they had the time!

Even if you’re just starting out as an affiliate, within days you can surpass the knowledge of your subscribers in your chosen field and you can therefore be classed as a professional compared to your subscribers. This is because most subscribers don’t have the time to focus on the subject. But this scenario actually makes the relationship work very well. They look to you to save them time and effort by distilling and filtering out poor products and sending them information about relevant and useful products. You look to them to give you a nice (commission) income for your efforts, as long as you put their interests first.

Naturally, the affiliates have to be genuine with their recommendations or they’ll lose the trust of their subscribers very quickly indeed. Being honest with their subscribers and looking after their interests sometimes means recommending better products that offer smaller commissions. Such affiliates build a large and very responsive list of eager subscribers. The affiliates will therefore have the opportunity for many repeat sales over the long term. The profits per customer with this approach are significantly larger than a one-off large commission if they betray the trust of the subscriber.

So you see, affiliate programs provide a partnership between the affiliates, affiliate merchants and customers that help everyone win in a very efficient way. Make sure you learn more about affiliate marketing either as an affiliate or an affiliate merchant or both to profit from your online presence.

Dr Sami Fab has been an IT professional since 1982. He has more valuable information for you free at the address below.

Learn more with Affiliate Marketing – Tips For Beginners .

If you found this article useful please do pass it on, completely unaltered and with this message attached.

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Top 10 Tips 2016

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Affiliate marketing for beginners – top 10 tips for success in 2016. –

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In this video, you will learn the top affiliate marketing tips for beginners or, yes, even dummies. I will help you stay out of legal trouble, build trust with your audience, get more traffic to your affiliate links, know where to find the best products and even what tools you can use for your efforts. Whether you’re promoting Amazon products, Clickbank products or others, these tips will help you make more money. Enjoy the video!

AFFILIATE MARKETING WEBSITE TUTORIAL for Beginners – Clickbank, Amazon, CJ & More

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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial for Beginners. Check out the demo site at: -More videos at

This video is part of a series of videos on making and promoting an affiliate marketing website:

In this video I take you through setting up an affiliate marketing website using WordPress. This tutorial is designed for Beginners so even if you’ve got no experience in affiliate marketing or making WordPress websites, don’t worry, you’ll be fine.

Affiliate marketing is when you sign up with an online merchant, or shop as an affiliate and send traffic from your website or social media using special tracking links. When someone makes a purchase from them after clicking one of your links (or in some cases using your voucher code) you get a commission.

A great way to get into Affiliate marketing is setup a review site. With a review site you post honest reviews about products and services along with your affiliate links so people can easily make a purchase. The great thing about a review site is that catches shoppers just before they are about to buy, which in turn can give you a high conversion rate.. πŸ™‚

In this video we go through everything from setting up the website hosting, through to setting up WordPress and posting some reviews. You can post reviews on anything you like, the WordPress themes are just an example. You can also change all the colours & logo etc allowing you to create an affiliate marketing site that matches your products.

REMEMBER: If you get stuck at any point leave a comment and i’ll do my best to help you out.

If you’re new to using WordPress be sure to watch this playlist:

Heres some of the things that I mention in this video..

Hostgator hosting: – Use code EAGLEONE for a discount!
Reviews theme:

I’ve got loads more playlists on WordPress. Check them out:

Making and promoting a viral site:

Making and promoting an Amazon Affiliate site:

And much more on my channel:


Introduction to Affiliate Marketing and this video: 1:18
Setting up our website Hosting: 9:07
Repointing a domain you’ve already registered: 15:33
Installing WordPress: 18:17
Logging into to WordPress: 19:44
Downloading and instilling our Affiliate Website Theme:21:05
Installing the demo content to get us started on our Affiliate Marketing Website: 25:05
Customising our Affiliate website logo and top area: 27:14
Adjusting colours and fonts: 30:45
Working with review categories: 32:15
Adjusting the text on the homepage: 35:57
Editing and Adding the Affiliate reviews: 37:08
Adding your Affiliate links to reviews: 55:03
Adding the duplicate post plugin to easily copy your content: 01:03:06
Adding banners to the homepage 01:05:37
Working with blog post: 01:13:11
Configuring the widgets in the footer and sidebars: 01:21:23
Final Tweaks and settings including changing the the text in the header: 01:25:32
Customising the menu across the top of the website: 01:28:24
Adjusting the menu font size: 01:30:24
Working with WordPress pages: 01:30:55
Making the Affiliate Marketing Website live: 1:33:00

Note: All links that I provide are affiliate links. Thanks for your support!
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AMAZON AFFILIATE MARKETING is easy once it is set up. All you need is a website. see to get a website. Learn how to use amazon widgets or an amazon astore. In this video you will see

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In this video, Stefan talks to you about the value of creating your own product versus affiliate marketing.

Oftentimes, people want to create, sell and launch their own product, in the form of an e-book, online training program, course, software, online membership website, physical product, etc.

They have incredible aspirations to create something that they can share with the world, and that’s great.

However, Stefan always asks people, β€œAre you ready to do this?”

Because there is actually a sequence that is more important to master before you create and launch your own product.

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Creating Your Own Product vs Affiliate Marketing

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Beginners Guide to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

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One of the easiest ways to get started as an affiliate is Clickbank. The reason this is so easy is that anybody can sign up without having to have an existing website. All you need is a physical address and an email address. Clickbank will help you generate the affiliate link that you can use in any number of different websites or webpages. The other main benefit to Clickbank is that the payouts are relatively high. So, instead of a small percent of a physical product, you’re usually making 50 percent or more on a product typically priced $ 50 to $ 99.

Most affiliate networks require a website and an application process. One of the more well known affiliate networks is commission junction. Google now has an affiliate program as well. You can also find dozens of other affiliate networks by doing some simple searching on the internet for keywords like affiliate network or affiliate programs.

Another popular type of affiliate marketing is called CPA which stands for Cost Per Acquisition. This is a scenario in which the company whose products or services you’re promoting is going to pay you for a lead. So, when a visitor to your site completes some action, you get paid. This may be as simple as someone putting in an email address all the way through someone completing a survey or multi-page application.

You can promote affiliate programs through classified ad websites. Some easy ones to use for affiliate programs are,,, and check out as many local classified ad sites sponsored by either local newspapers, tv or radio. The benefit to these types of sites are that they have built-in promotion. The radio, tv and newspaper will typically promote through advertising their own classified sites which means they will get traffic. Craigslist is also a good option but must be used with care simply because Craiglist will “ghost” your ads which basically means they won’t make it to the category listings on Cragislist which will severely limit their visibility.

Article marketing is another way to drive some significant traffic to your website. The benefits to article marketing include the fact that many of the article websites rank very well with the search engines and usually get a significant amount of traffic internally as well. This means that you can submit articles to some of the more popular directories and have those articles read and reviewed. Your author profile or your resources box at the bottom of the article can include your link to your website. Some article sites have more strict guidelines on what you can or can’t use those for, so be sure to read the policies before you submit your articles.

You can use social media websites to promote an affiliate program as well. Some social media sites that are easy to use and easy to setup are,, and several others sites similar to this that allow individual users to setup free accounts and create pages with whatever content they choose. These social sites typically have guidelines and some have regulations that might affect what you do to promote specific affiliate products. If you provide good solid advice and content, you’ll be ok with most of these types of sites.

Blogging is perhaps the easiest way to get a website created without having to learn html or some new software. Blogs can be used to discuss benefits of ownership of a specific product (which you’ll promote as an affiliate) or some service that you can also promote as an affiliate. One key to success with blogging is consistency. If you can be consistent with your blogging, you’ll add a lot of power to strategy.

You can develop a more traditional website which would be similar to wordpress on a self hosted site. In fact, there would be no difference for the most part assuming you’re using a program like wordpress to manage your content. The SEO tools and plugins that come with wordpress on a self-hosted blog scenario are very good. The idea here is to generate the kind of content that attracts people and keeps people on the site. Some ideas for how to generate this type of content can be found on and which are two excellent resource for how to make money using a blog.

Pay per click advertising can support driving traffic through to a page that you control the content, such as a landing or squeeze page or can also redirect traffic directly from the advertisement itself through to the affiliate site with your affiliate ID in the link itself. This method is called direct linking. Another scenario is to send the traffic from pay per click to an information site or a theme based site where you’re going to rely on the fact that a certain percentage of people that visit that site are going to take action.

This article is meant to simply introduce you to some of the ways to promote affiliate products and services. If you’re serious about pursuing any of these methods, use the internet to find great content. Spend some time on some affiliate marketing forums and ask around what other people are doing and how they’re successful. Remember, though, nothing can replace actually getting out there and trying these things for yourself. There’s only so much you’ll be able to do without trying this first hand. Good luck with your efforts.

Brian uses his own blog and website to promote affiliate marketing. He does this through blogging, search engine optimization and through pay per click. If you’d like to learn more about making money as an affiliate, check out Brian’s website.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

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In this video, I explain why Amazon Affiliate Marketing is best for beginners looking to get into the industry. It has much lower competition overall, and you don’t have to “sell” people on things. Amazon’s powerhouse strategy does all the lifting for you. I also reveal some tips you can use to increase your conversion rates with your affiliate websites.

How To Make Money Online For Beginners (Affiliate Marketing) – In PLAIN ENGLISH!

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In this video blog I pull the curtain back on the basic ideas EVERY new internet entrepreneur should understand.

It took me close to 2 years to make my first online… fast forward 5 years into my career and I am now able to say that I am completely financially free and scaling multiple online businesses at an astonishing rate.

I cover the 2 ways to make money online as well as give you my strong suggestions on how to start your internet business TODAY. Straight to the point NO fluff / no Hype just the straight facts on the mechanics behind making money online.

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As one of my goals for the 100 Day Challenge, I’ve committed to creating a new online training program.

Aside from Kindle publishing, I feel that affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online because you’re promoting someone else’s product and every necessary aspect to market the product is oftentimes done for you.

In this video, I will map out for you the beginning stage of creating Affiliate Marketing Mastery, my new online training program which is going to help people start their own online business and get started making money online.

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Creating Affiliate Marketing Mastery (Part 1)

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