An affiliate Program Which Offers Resale Rights is a business opportunity that isn’t Multi Level Marketing, but isn’t a traditional affiliate program either. It’s actually a cross between the two. Basically the business model that I’ll be covering is affiliate programs with resale rights. The products of these affiliate style programs are primarily software, e-books and sometimes vacation and travel.

These programs far outweigh the benefits and profit potential of multi marketing opportunities. And I will write all the details and why affiliate programs with resale rights are superior to multi level marketing programs.

The first detail that makes affiliate programs better is that the pay per sign up or customer is much higher than that of multi level marketing opportunities. While multi level marketing pay out very small amounts of money at the time of sign up and on a monthly basis, affiliate programs pay out the profit all at once. Usually on a 1 up, 2 up or multi tier payment plans. For a description of these various payment plans please refer to the program you’re interested in joining.

The 1 up and 2 up payment plans do have their flaws. For example many people give up and quit before they make their qualifier which is the amount of sales they need before they can earn profit. The multi tier payment plan allows immediate profit. And most people prefer instant cash in hand. Basically the way a multi tier payment plan works is that you will earn a certain amount per sale plus a second and sometimes a third tier of profit from everybody that your direct downline members refer.

The profit potential of these affiliate programs are more profitable because unlike MLM (Multi Level Marketing) where you make about 25% from direct referrals, with Affiliate programs you can earn as much as 75% per sale! Now regardless of what the payment structure may be, which sound better to you, 25% or 75%? That’s one of those no-brainer questions isn’t it? That’s exactly I can’t figure out for the life of me why anybody would want to join an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) opportunity over an affiliate program.

Another benefit of Affiliate Programs With Resale Rights products is that you are paid directly from the purchaser! This means immediate income to use for whatever you want to use it for. With MLM (Multi Level Marketing) you need to wait on money. Most MLM companies recommend that you expect a loss of money for at least the first year. And this loss of money means that you need to pour thousands into promotion with the hope of a return.

Now with direct pay Affiliate Programs the risk of loss is minimal because you should always have a steady stream of income.

The products of an affiliate program are usually more exciting than the health care and grocery products of an MLM, and the instant money is far more rewarding and exciting!

It’s up to you but there are two options: 1 – join an MLM and wait for a very ling time for profit that may never come, or 2 – sign up with an affiliate program and have the potential to start earning immediately!

I’m Dean Fischer. I’ve been networking from home for over eight years. I write articles of tips and advice based on either research or first hand experience. View My Other Report! Is a non-bias report on the RFS opportunity. I am not a member of RFS. Here’s How I Make Money!
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