Residual income is one of those fantastic concepts that really doesnt seem achievable to most people. However that has changed thanks to working at home with affiliate programs and the two tier affiliate programs. These do represent some fantastic possibilities.

Lets take a look at the pros of creating a residual income from working at home affiliate programs and the two tier affiliate programs.

The key to being successful with two tier affiliate programs is to first of all become a super affiliate yourself. If you are one of the top affiliates in the program you are representing, you will do much better when recruiting new affiliates to add to your team.

This means that you will learn everything about your product, and how to sell it online before you try to teach your second tier affiliate to duplicate you. There is no shortcut to success on this. You must become successful first before you can teach someone else.

Of course the downside to this is many people are not successful in their working at home affiliate program. Therefore it is not realistic to think that they will be able to create a residual income from affiliates they recruit either.

As you become successful you can certainly use that to your advantage when it comes to recruiting affiliates into the programs you are representing. Often times people use two tier affiliate programs to sell the product and they overlook the second tier income aspect.

Therefore you should concentrate on building a list of successful affiliate marketers that you can cultivate into an income stream of their own. One benefit of approaching it this way is as you find new products to represent you have a list of successful working at home affiliate program marketers you can bring on board with you.

You see this happen in the network marketing industry, but it does not seem to be used on a regular basis with affiliate marketing. The easiest way to do this is to create a separate autoresponder that you can contact your affiliates with.

As with anything on the Internet this does become a numbers game, but over time you can develop a very success oriented list of affiliate marketers that can make you rich. This is your go to list of people that can help you create a residual income.

Of course you can create your own products and quickly bring these people on board for it. However, as a working at home affiliate program marketer you may only want to market existing two tier affiliate programs and that will work too if you have the right type of affiliates underneath you.

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