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1. Create your website around a topic that interests you. Becoming a webmaster will require much time on your part. It’s crucial you first build your website around a topic that intrigues you and can spend the amount of time required on.

Think about topics of interest, and that you have a lot of information on. This will make it more enjoyable to write about that topic to your visitors and share your insight.

2. Keep trimming your focus until you find a niche that will complement your website. For example instead of focusing on sports, base your website on your favourite team or instead of the usual marketing you could base your website on ezine publishing.

3. Once you’ve chosen a topic for your website, you have also identified your target audience; you’re in the correct position to join an affiliate program that sells products to the audience you identified.

4. When deciding on which affiliate program to join look for affiliate programs that offer a line of products – this will make it easier for you to earn additional commissions when your clients come back and purchase something else.

5. Choose affiliate programs that offer a more evolved top tier commission format, where you get paid a commission on the sales of people that you refer to the affiliate program, or programs that give you the opportunity to earn a residual income.

6. Keep note of your promotion campaigns. This is important in enabling you identify what ad copy generates the most sales and what marketing techniques are most profitable.

7. Generate repeat traffic to your site by creating a helpful website. Produce by yourself tutorials, eBooks, and articles, as well material for promotion given to you by the affiliate programs themselves.

8. Keep your site regularly updated with new material and write recommendations. Make a recommended links or products page where you can show the visitors the benefits that the products they choose to promote will have on them – how these products may have helped.

9. To increase your current commissions promoting affiliate programs, provide your visitors with a well put together affiliate programs page where you can recommend to visitors affiliate opportunities.

10. Refresh your relationship with your clients by giving them free e-mail courses. The courses you send can be those provided to you by the affiliate programs promotional material, or you can just make your own free e-mail course from tutorials or your own articles.

11. Publish an ezine. Running an ezine will allow you to successfully drive more visitors to your website, successfully market your affiliate programs to your visitors by keeping close contact with them, and also gives you the option to promote more than one affiliate program within your ezine content.

Publishing ezine’s is also a great way to establish yourself as a professional or an excellent resource in whichever field which will help generate more commissions for you as your clients respond to your recommendations.

Uchenna Ani-Okoye is an internet marketing advisor and co founder of Free Affiliate Programs

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