Click 22 Free Affiliate Books: In this video I cover my top affiliate programs for 2014 and how you can sign up for free and earn affiliate commissions of 75 to 100% instant commissions on a few.

I also take you through the different affiliate marketplaces and show you an inside view of the different affiliate products that you can choose to promote for a lucrative affiliate commission in 2014.

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3. My other top affiliate programs

and many, many, more geared to help you make more money as an online entrepreneur.

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If you want to have good success with high ticket programs, it is best to combine internet marketing with some kind of live and personal selling like phone selling, webinar, or a live hangout.

Personally, I didn’t really do a lot of the live selling because I didn’t like doing that. Although I didn’t do a lot of phone calls at all, I was STILL able to make big ticket commissions just from doing internet marketing strategies like doing simple youtube videos.

But you can get BETTER results if you DO use the phone as well. I’ve tried it out and it worked better.

At the end of the day, focus on what you are BEST at and that fits your strengths. Focus on that and become a master at it.

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