Is there any truth about online affiliate programs making their participants $ 1000s per week? Most website owners are very familiar with online affiliate programs. This review is about these programs and how to make money from them.

You would not do a review of online affiliate programs if you did not think that it was just too good to be true. But the fact is you can make money if the website in question is popular. It is just simple logic.

So how do you go about it? Simple, you pick a program and sign up for free and be selling from your site within minutes. Everything is taken care of for you. The negative crowd will say that nobody makes money from these programs except the program owners themselves. This is especially more so when you read that only 10%-20% make any money.

Then out of this figure only a percentage go onto make $ 5000 a month or so. But i believe it is not the online program or the owners fault. Although some online affiliate programs pay out peanuts. This does put a cap on the affilate’s income level.

What i believe is that most people do not know how to bring customers to a affiliate programs website in the first place. If you want to succeed in the affiliate marketing game you need traffic. Then you need to send that traffic to a converting landing page and you will make sales pure and simple.

Too succeed at online affiliate marketing you must build your own website. The so called GURUS do not tell you this. You need your own landing page. You also need your own squeeze and opt in page to be able to collect names and emails first be for you redirect them to the merchants landing page.

On your own website landing page you will need to endorse the benefits of the affiliate program then show them a link from your page to the affiliate program’s page. So basically you need to make your landing page a review type of page listing the benefits of the product as compared to other similar products and why you recomend it. Then point your visitors in the right direction, i.e the affiliate program’s page.

Now all this talk about landing pages will be in vain if you can’t get people to your site in the first place. You need traffic. There are many ways to get traffic. There are free and paid. It does not make sense to use paid methods like pay per click when you have not made any sales. The best way to get traffic is by free methods using article marketing. In my opinion it is the best method because it is free and you are attracting targeted people who will read your articles and click your links in your resource box.

There are hundreds of other people trying to sell the same products as you. Don’t to what they do and link them direct to the affiliate program. If you want to know the truth about online affiliate programs. They work if you are smart and endorse the products not sell the products. Let the merchant landing page do the selling.

Chidi Rodney Akomas is an article marketer and internet marketing expert with 7 years experience. To improve the conversion of the affiliate programs you might be selling he encourages you to visit

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