There is no straight answer to the question, what are the best programs, because the business strategy, which a single marketer follows determines so much about the success of affiliate programs.

1. Benchmark Your Most Successful Competitors To Select The Best Programs For Yourself.

Let us take an example. You have learnt from the online marketing forums that the most successful marketers, who really make money at home are a, b, c and d. Now make a spying visit to their websites to see two things. What are there marketing strategies and what links they have placed on their websites?

You can make a list of these best programs and when you see that a particular program is on all the four websites, you can be very happy and locate them to your website too, if the marketing strategy is the same or very close to yours.

2. A Successful Affiliate Program Must Be A Strong Brand.

It happens very seldom, that a new unknown affiliate program hits the online market and becomes a star overnight. Normally there is some kind of a buzz, which foregoes the rise of a novelty and usually this buzz takes place on some online marketing forum.

But that is still a starting point. To become a long term success, the affiliate program must honestly respond the promises and produce benefits to its users, which are in line or better than from the competing affiliate programs.

3. Examine The Best Selling Locations From The Website Of The Competitors.

Usually the website surfer surfs the site in a certain order. He starts from the header or upper side of the site and continues along the left side column downwards. Now if you want find how to make money on the internet and to pick the best affiliate programs, look which program links are located on these places. To put it simply, the best sellers are on the best places.

4. The Minimum Amount Of Affiliate Commission Should Be $ 40.

Let us calculate a little bit. Let us assume that you get ten affiliate program sales. In another case the commission is 30 so you will get 300. In another case it is 45 and you get 450. The work load is the same, so it is not difficult to pick the right one.

5. Your Online Business Plan Sets The Rules For Link Picking.

The affiliate programs on your website are important parts of the content and build or break your strategy. The affiliate program links are the products, which you support in the text of the page. It is utmost important that they are strictly according to your business plan and according to your online business ethics. In this way they build your brand.
It is better to place fewer links on the page than to fill it with unrelated affiliate program links, which break down the positive effects.

Juhani Tontti, B.Sc., Marketing. It Is Wise To Benchmark Your Best Competitors To Find Best Affiliate Programs To Be Able To Make Money Online From Home. Visit: Best Affiliate Programs
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