Could you create these tools for your own affiliate marketing programs: website, payment systems, products range, product shipments, email series of over 200 different ezines, training pages, ebook and DVD about starting, affiliate marketing opportunity forum, online support, tens of doorway pages, banners and text ads and a row of new products?

As you see from the list above, affiliate marketing is not simple for the merchant but it is ultimately simple for the affiliate, who persuades visitors to his affiliate program. Best affiliate programs are extremely good money makers, when the affiliate is an expert in the marketing.

1. The Power Of Affiliate Programs Is In The Teams.

Yes, I argue that the teams are the key to the success for a new marketer, who tries to grow his new affiliate programs. Actually there are lots of supporting teams, but maybe the most important ones are the forum members.

When a new affiliate joins a forum and starts to read the posts there, he will understand one very positive thing: there are lots of marketers, who are on the same level and have same challenges with their own affiliate programs.

Forums are fantastic places, because there a member can really tie long term relationships with other members and to establish joint ventures, which can unite different skills of different members and in this way lead to better results.

2. You Can Discover Your Specialty By Discussing At The Forum.

You can promote affiliate programs with tens of different tactics, but in praxis you can learn and master only some, or one, of them. The challenge is, which one is your tactic. I think the only way is to listen to your inner voice, your feelings right in the start.

3. Join An Affiliate Marketing Opportunity, Which Offers All In One Box.

By all I mean everything I mentioned in point one. It is economical to run an affiliate program, which includes several affiliate programs, because in this way you will save lots of work and time.

One clear sign that an affiliate program is successful and worth to join is, that it has tens and tens of active members, who share their opinions on the forum. If this affiliate program has been online for several years, at least five, it is a kind of a guarantee of success.

4. Surf Through The Whole Set Of Marketing Material.

This is very important test, because you just have to like and to understand the marketing material, which you will use a lot afterwards. Affiliate programs need lots of marketing, i.e. communications, to be able to succeed.

This initial phase, checking, is important and it is wise to use enough time for it and to be honest towards yourself. If you are excited and enthusiastic, try to cool down, because now is the time to think rationally.

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