If you are looking from the best affiliate programs through PayDotCom or ClickBank check the commission rate and the license agreement. Notice that they will be deducting a charge to make payments to you. This is not huge but you need to be aware of it when calculating your commission.

Please also remember that companies do not pay out commission on returned products. The best affiliate programs will have guarantees which allow people to return products with no questions asked. A certain number of people do, that is just part of the game. Not many, but it does happen, and you need to be aware of it.

If it looks as though there is too much of a pattern on returned products or services maybe you have not found the best affiliate programs. When this happens too often you should hear the warning bells ringing and consider ending your promotion. You do not want to get a bad reputation for associating with companies or people who do not offer good value and service.

It is always a good idea to do some research on the best affiliate programs and the products you are interested in promoting. On the Internet everyone has a voice and people are very exercised in saying what they think, particularly about something they are not happy with.

Even the best affiliate programs have a few bad reviews, but do read what others have to say. For instance, I was looking at a product to promote, quite cheaply, so I did a search and guess what? I found out that other people were just giving it away.

Watch out for the over hype which will have a time limited offer. I’m sure you have come across this when you have bought on the Internet yourself. “This offer is only open to 23 more people”. “This offer will close at midnight on the 12th January 2007”. The best affiliate programs will stand the test of time and will be out there 6 months from now. Even better, the best affiliate programs will have an increased reputation and more reviews to go on. Don’t be hurried into your decision.

Finally, don’t be scammed into expensive courses offered by big name people. Let’s face it, they are usually on some kind of promotional tour, and they are almost certainly selling something on the back of it. I admit some of the best affiliate programs are pre-sold this way. Usually products will be available in a different format two or three months down the line.

Yes, it is fun to be in the excitement of a live event; but remember, if you are looking for the best affiliate programs because you want to earn some extra income, don’t start by shelling out gazillions of dollars on a weekend seminar or training.

Usually you learn better and retain the information more successfully if you take it in bite sized chunks. These live events are great at the time, but a few weeks down the line you are still working your way through the handbook. The best affiliate programs stand the test of time.

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