Super affiliates make up that 2% of affiliates that account for 98% of all affiliate sales, and make an absolute killing while they’re at it. So how do they do it? Read on to see what sets the average failing affiliate from the super affiliate, and how you can duplicate their success.

Affiliate programs have become vastly more popular over the last few years. Many are hearing stories about people who are paid in excess of $ 150,000 per month, just from one affiliate program. And while these stories are quite true, most affiliates are only getting peanuts. The average affiliate doesn’t understand the strategies the super affiliates are using to succeed like this.

What the super affiliate is doing, that the average affiliate is not:

1. Super affiliates stick with one niche till they master it. The average affiliate is too impatient for an unrealistic, instant success, and jump from niche to niche and market multiple niches at the same time. But when super affiliates focus on a single niche, they build an identity, and get to know their target market. They all do it, and you should be taking the cue from them.

2. Most super affiliates use an auto-responder to cue their messages to their mailing lists. Auto-responders are a huge time saver, and essential for managing a massive mailing list like many of them do. Though i wouldn’t look past Aweber, or GetResponse for the most reliable auto-responder.

3. Super affiliates build a relationship with their visitors, list-subscribers, or readers. They try hard to be trusted friends and advisors, not just sales people. They also want to come across as experts in their specialized area.

4. Super affiliates gain their traffic through content. Whatever marketing strategy they use, they always provide a rich source of content. Whether this be a high quality article, a helpful newsletter, or a content rich website. Thats how they gain their initial traffic.

5. Super affiliates take their marketing very seriously. You may think this very basic, but this is core to what sets them apart from the average affiliate. When things are starting out slow, they don’t switch program or change niche. They persevere, spend longer hours at it, research the product and their target market. They treat it like a business, because thats what it is.

What the super affiliates aren’t telling you about affiliate programs:

6. Super affiliates choose and use the right affiliate programs. All the above tips and techniques are good, and account partially to super affiliate success, but many affiliates use all the above methods and still manage to fail. No, the above are quite crucial, but still don’t explain the snowball, cash-machine effect super affiliates get.

Everyone knows that super affiliates use killer marketing techniques, but earning in excess of $ 2,000,000 per year from affiliate programs is hardly humanly possible – unless you aren’t personally doing most of the work. Super affiliates are extremely selective when it comes to affiliate programs – they use what are known as super affiliate programs.

Super affiliate programs are the ones that have the ability to snowball your efforts, that smartly use the power of leverage, and other peoples efforts to build the wealth you hear about. They only started the ball rolling, and end up with a pyramid effect.

Choosing and using one of the best super affiliate programs is definitely the single most effective and easiest step you can take to earning a super affiliate income. Building and maintaining a massive subscriber list and all the rest takes time and effort, but choosing the right program – hardly any, but still has massive impact on your bottom line.

Super affiliates aren’t the kind of people who sit in front of their screen 24/7, without sleeping, showering or shaving, but they would be if they tried to do it all themselves. They use affiliate programs that provide, a very high conversion rate, snowball effects, and the power of leverage. They work smarter, not harder, and it’s time you did the same.

To see just what it is that super affiliates look for in a program that gives them this powerful leverage – see the list of the most effective super affiliate programs.
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