How to create massive wealth just by promoting affiliate programs that pay out a higher commission!

Affiliate programs are great moneymakers, with minimum work, but there are a few tricks to know to really achieve the success you are looking for. Affiliate programs vary in the amount of money they will bring in, as commissions vary greatly. If you really want to make a good living with affiliate programs you need to be very aware of what you commission will be.

What is an affiliate program? An affiliate program is one that pays you a commission for every sale you help your sponsor make. You are in effect working as a salesperson for a commission. Your commission will be a percentage of the sale value.

How to choose high paying affiliate programs: When choosing affiliate programs it is important to remember some points so that you do not join the wrong programs:

Be sure they are always free to join. You do not pay to work for someone and you should not have to pay to be an affiliate.

Make sure the program pays a good commission (50-75 percent)

Be sure the program offers good customers support. You want to be sure you are joining a program that values and is able to help its affiliates.

Be sure the program has a good reliable tracking system that will show click through and sales in real time.

Be sure that you are aware of the market you will need to reach to sell the products.

There are 2 places that have many Affiliate products to choose from, Clickbank and Commission Junction. You can join these two places for free.

Examples of higher paying products: Two of the higher priced products are software and seminars. Because they are higher priced they will give a good commission when sold. However not everyone can afford these products so you will need to target your market carefully. When you do this you will be able to make a very good living with them.

Marketing your affiliate products: One of the key points of successful affiliate business is driving highly targeted visitors to your own website. It is very important to develop your own website to do this and not rely on your sponsors mirror websites. You can either build a theme website yourself or have it designed for you.

Before starting to do website promotion for your affiliate products you will need to make a list of highly targeted keywords and key phrases. You can collect basic ones with a free tool at and find more specialized ones at

You will need to build a large amount of visitors to your site who are interested in your products. There are a few common ways you can do this:

Search engines-will bring warm ready to buy visitors who will find your site by key word searches.

Google Adwords-This is the fastest most cost effective way to bring visitors to your site within hours.

Linking to relevant websites-be sure to link to quality sites that are complimentary to
your business.

Article distribution-write or have written some articles about your products and industry. You can distribute them manually which is free but will take a great deal of time; you can use software, or an article distribution service.

All these methods will bring highly targeted visitors to your site. The key to success is to work each of these methods, and then combine them. This will allow you to build multiple streams of traffic. As you build up quality, high converting visitors to your website you will indeed make massive profits with your high paying affiliate programs.

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