Affiliate programs are what most marketers concentrate on who are in the business to make money online. For some of us, we may have hobby websites but even those websites cost us money to a certain extent. Although there are many different ways that you can make money with your website, offering a relevant affiliate program is probably one of the easiest along with being one of the most profitable. Where can you find these affiliate programs and how can you match them up with your particular website?

There are a lot of different places where you can find affiliate programs. Some of the most popular include ClickBank and Commission Junction. Each of these particular websites gives you access to thousands of different individual affiliates through their system.

ClickBank offers digital products and things such as e-books and downloadable software while Commission Junction gives you access to thousands of real-world businesses and their websites in categories such as travel, clothing, insurance and a whole multitude of other options. Between these two particular systems, it should be easy for you to pick out an affiliate that matches up very well with your particular audience.

Another popular type of affiliate advertising that you can put on your website is found through programs such as Max Bounty or a Azoogle Ads. These companies team up with very specific types of affiliates, ones that are typically looking for a lead of some sort. It is fairly easy to find an affiliate program through one of the systems that you can match up with your website as well. These programs tend to pay very well for the lead but you may have a difficult time finding a lead program within the system that lasts for a long period of time.

Many of these programs are there on a temporary basis so you have to strike while the iron’s hot, make your money and check periodically to make sure that the affiliate is still active.

Matching a program with your particular audience is not a very difficult thing to do. At times, however, your audience may be relatively general and may not fit into a particular niche. In this case, check out one of the pay per lead affiliate programs as you may be able to match it loosely to your visitors. If you find one that converts well, you’ll be surprised at how much money you can make with a simple affiliate program like this.

Affiliate programs are a means to increase your online business revenue. At the end of the day, you need an online business which is yours. Your business should concentrate on a niche which includes these related affiliate programs you can recommend to your prospects.

What many internet marketers forget is that instead of sending people directly to affiliate programs, they should send them to an opt-in page so that the emails are captured first. The selling of the affiliate programs occur in the autoresponder series. All this happens after you have captured the email addresses.

A good example of an optin form is at Here you can see that the whole point of the web page is to capture the email addresses before emails are delivered to recommend affiliate programs that are of value.

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