It is wise to run several Affiliate Programs for many reasons, which I go through below.

1. Your site visitors have different tastes.
Most decisions concerning the choice of Affiliate Programs are made by feelings. Different visitors come to your site in different state of mind, with different attitude and with different prejudice. Actually they are seeking slightly different things and a webmaster has no idea of these.

The image of affiliate business has a big impact too. All they are brands with pros and cons. Some programs are picked right away, some need longer thinking time and more repetitive contact with the prospect to go through.

2. All Affiliate Programs are different.
There are rational and emotional differences but all in all, programs are different. Products, services, commissions, quality of support, discussion forum or not, long or short history etc.

And emotional differences are very visitor centric and impossible to measure without a market research. This means that by marketing one affiliate program, you can speak only to one market segment.

3. Good solution is to choose the directory of Affiliate Programs.
I mean a program, which has several programs built in. This will save your time and money. By promoting one you actually promote all those in built programs. Your learning perios will be shorter and you can make more income.

4. You can operate in more markets with several Affiliate Programs.
Different home businesses use different keywords. Keywords will target the business into its market, so the more keywords you can use, the more business you can generate.

5. Some Affiliate Programs can meet sudden difficulties.
You never know what can happen. For some reason, gossip for instance, your principal can become very unpopular overnight. This can, and has happened, for spamming reason for instance, which hurts the image and make your prospects very doubtful towards that business. If this happens you can with small risk replace the program with some better one.

6. Running several Affiliate Programs gives the image of wide professionalism.
It is true that running several home businesses gives you a wider and deeper know how and you can better follow the internet market and help your downline.

7. Use Affiliate Programs, which are related and complement each other.
Businesses are different and this means that together they can form excellent entity.

Some can have excellent and quick support, some has superior training lessons, some has discussion forum with tens of thousands of members. Some can sell hosting, which is needed by downline members, some can sell internet marketing ebooks and other tools.
Together these programs form a package of related products.

8. Pick solid and experienced “Affiliates Partners Programs”.
When I made a list of good affiliate programs , I followed these guidelines: each program on my list must have at least 5 years experience in the Internet, have a good reputation and pay competitive, multilevel commissions.

I have a good experience of this site with several affiliate programs

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