How to make money with affiliate programs

The discussion about witch is the best strategy to make money on the internet, may continue between if it is to make money with affiliate programs or to make your own affiliate program. But this discussion is real only when we talk about making al least six figure income a month. And to reach that point of income there is an investment that must be invested in this business, to improve it and grow it.

When we read the life stories of the self made internet millionaires we will notice that all of them “as they Alleged” they started from nothing, more than that, some of them began with debts and no credit cards. Now they have their own products, and some have an affiliate program to promote these products. But how did they really maid the first $ 10000.

They must have made it with affiliate programs. First they began promoting others products till they reach the point of financially capable of developing their own products.

But still if you investigate their behavior and register to their list of subscribers you will find out that they are still promoting affiliate programs; so with out any doubt making money with affiliate program is the best way to start your work from home business and is the only way you can start from nothing and reach financial freedom.

Here is a story to support this claim.

I have a very close friend, her name is Nancy, she went through a diet process last year and in one year she lost 36 pounds of her weight. Every one knows her knew that she can do any thing because of her very strong will. About three months a go she was reviewing my website and we began to discuss some of “MoreNiche” products, and she liked a product called Proactol; after that we discussed how to make money with affiliate programs. I insist on having a website and she claim that she can make more money than me with out having a website. I thought that the discussion ended right there; but yesterday she came to visit and she had in hand 2 cheques with sum of $ 4970, from one company.

How did she make this money?

She had purchased the Proactol tried it for only one week after that she wrote some articles explaining her experience in losing weight, and she only recommend the Proactol in her article. She promoted the product with her articles “in the article body and in the Bio”. She used my website to distribute these articles on the internet and that was the outcome of the articles.

I can make more than this sum in one month, but she proved that she can make more with out a website, with out any paid promotions.

This is the power of making money with affiliate programs, what she had accomplish is great but it is not a business. The right way to make money with affiliate program is to treat it as a business. If she stops what she is doing the money will stop, but when you have your own website the money will keep coming as long as you have visitors to your website. It is difficult at first to promote your website and make it appear in search engines, directories and other related websites; but when you get there it is easy to stay their.

I have a web hosting comparison web page in my site (, and any time some one want to compare web hosting providers and reached this page, at least there is a 50% chance he will sign up from my page. I am affiliate with these companies and they ask for the same price no matter how you reached them. I give my audience a good Idea of what is the deference between those providers, and when they sign up I will get a commission. So as long as people reach this web page I will keep earning a commission. And that is the beauty of affiliate programs.

If you are building a website with great content and information, and visitor find you an expert in your niche market; they will follow your instruction and your recommendations.

A while a go webmasters were recommending other products and services to support their content without being paid. No you can do the same with good chance to make money out of it.

Jossef Sal, author of make money with affiliate programs business & a super affiliate with MorNiche Affiliate Program How can an Arabian mechanical engineer makes a huge success on the internet home based business. You are welcome to see his success and learn from him, If he did it you can be sure you can.

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