Do you operate a website and would like to make more money? Do you want to start an online business but you don’t know what products you would sell? If the answers are yes, you should look into becoming an affiliate marketer. When you join an affiliate marketing program, you can start making money instantly through this great network marketing strategy.

In Affiliate marketing, Merchant and its affiliate make a deal and become business partners, where affiliate is supposed to persuade visitors to view merchant’s website. The affiliate earns money when visitors make a purchase or enroll themselves to a newsletter and becomes a future customer.

Affiliate programs also include Residual Income Affiliate programs, but they are not a popular affiliate program as they do not offer a big commission and are usually missed out. The average commission they offer is between 10% and 20% of the sale from visitors from the affiliates’ website. But it must be kept in mind that these programs offer more money over time although one time commission rate seems to be very low.

Now the question arises how Residual Programs more suitable? In these programs commission may appear to be low but Merchants are obliged to pay the initial commission apart from the continuous commission for each and every sale that was made through the affiliate. An affiliate earns continuous residual commission when a customer makes his first visit to an affiliate’s website, makes a current purchase till the future.

How residual affiliate programs are more valuable to be endorsed? This could be explained by an example, suppose two online merchants, one merchant pays a total onetime commission of $ 75 for every single sale that a particular affiliate is accountable for. While the second merchant offers $ 15 for every single sale made through that affiliate.

Now consider that a visitor persuaded by the affiliate makes a purchase from the first merchant’s website and affiliate gets paid $ 75. While with the second merchant an affiliate would get paid initial commission of $ 15 along with the continuous commission till that particular customer uses the merchant’s website. Hence, the affiliate gets paid repeatedly for that particular customer in residual affiliate programs unlike a regular affiliate program. The said advantage makes residual schemes one of the desirable network marketing programs.

Conclusively, residual affiliate programs generate more revenue as affiliates earn more money for a longer period of time. Now an affiliate has to decide whether to utilize residual affiliate programs or not as they offer more paybacks comparatively.

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