Affiliate marketing is a controversial subject. Some say that it’s hard to make money as an affiliate while others say you can’t lose. In reality, they’re both right and they’re both wrong. You can make money with the top affiliate programs, but you need to find them first.

What are affiliate programs? In a nutshell, they are programs offered by companies whereby they will pay you a commission every time someone buys something from them via a link to your account. They all operate the same way, but they are not all the same in other ways.

Not every affiliate program offers the same commission percentage as the other. Some products, like books, offer very low commissions on a product that is already inexpensive. You have to sell a lot of books to make an income from selling them and only the online stores that sell large volumes of books succeed. There may be another reason for you to sell books online, though.

Let’s say you’ve got a website that specializes in selling sailboards for windsurfing enthusiasts. The sailboards are fairly expensive, so you should expect to get a reasonable commission for every sale. Having a few books on the subject for sale on your website may not make you big commissions, but it will help your reputation as an expert in the field.

The best affiliate program for you may not be the most popular affiliate program. If a product or service has been around awhile, the market may be saturated. Look for promising new affiliate programs that pay good commissions. Get in early and market aggressively. Once you have established your place at the top of the search engine listings, it will be hard for those who come after you to knock you off.

Joining affiliate programs for subscription services is a great way to make an ongoing commission. The way these services work is that they give you an initial commission for your first sale and then a residual commission every time your referral renews their commission. While you may not make a big commission on the sale, over time, these commissions can really add up. What’s better is that it is passive income. You don’t have to do a thing.

Many people overlook the benefits of MLM or Multi Level Marketing affiliate programs. If you join the best of these programs, you not only get commissions on sales, but you get ongoing commissions on the sales made by those you sign up as fellow marketers. It is important to remember, though, that the quality of the products offered is what generates both of these commissions.

In order to attract affiliates, most affiliate programs are free. Nonetheless, you will probably be finding yourself spending money promoting your products. The top affiliate programs are those that you can earn the most from while spending the least. Choose wisely and market aggressively and you could find yourself retiring early.

Locating and using the top affiliate programs is quick and simple when you know where to search. Make use of the Wealthy Affiliate Review online to help you compare and contrast programs.
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