Join the Associates Programme and start earning money today. If you have a website or blog and want to monetize it, the Amazon Associates program is a good way to add affiliate money making opportunities. With this program, you can add links to any item on Amazon’s site to your website and get commission when someone clicks the link or makes a purchase. While Amazon’s commission structure is relatively low, the program offers many advantages and is very easy to use. You can create an aStore, which is an individual site showing the Amazon products that you choose to sell. You can let Amazon suggest products and include a link on your blog. You can also add individual products to your site for a customized look. While earning substantial income will take time, work and patience, it’s worth checking out the program and learning how to become an Amazon Associate.
Let’s start out by joining the affiliate program. They are the biggest and the best of all the affiliate programs. It will cost you nothing and they have almost every type of product imaginible. You will be offering these products to your web visitors and if they buy anything you will be making a percentage of the sale.
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