If you’ve created a website it’s not a bad idea to make some money out of it, and it doesn’t matter if your website is personal, you still can make some extra money. If your website is for business, and you are selling goods or offering services, it’s not a bad idea to make extra money on top of that too.

Joining an affiliate program is a good way to make cash from your website without much of the effort you’re already doing to promote your website right now. You’re probably already distributing business cards, sending e-mails, and registering your website with search engines. You probably spent some hard earned cash to build, and promote your website, and you haven’t recovered that money. Joining an affiliate program could help you recover some of those expenses you made in the process.

Affiliate programs also give you the opportunity to make sales with no advertising costs from the beginning, and the best part is that most of them are completely free of charge. Some of the most popular online affiliate programs right now include Amazon, Commission Junction, Ebay, Clickbank, Click2Sell, and Affiliate Bot, among others.

There’s a debate on whether or not you should start building your website with an affiliate program already by your side, or build your website, and just after you get some traffic join an affiliate program to start making sales.

The answer probably lies in the type of affiliate program that you’re planning to join. There are some pay-per-click affiliate programs that require you to have a finished website in order to sign up as their affiliate. Other programs only want you to have a domain ready for your website and nothing more. It’s mostly recommended that you at least finish building your website so you can sign up for any affiliate program. The best affiliate programs usually require you to have a website finished to have an idea of the type of website in where their products are being offered.

If you’re ready to start working with an affiliate program, you also need to understand the best option for your website. There are 3 types of payment schemes available, Pay-per-Impression (CPM), which is a great way to make money, although not a lot, it usually pays $ 5 per a thousand impressions of a banner.

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the most popular programs, but it also requires an investment in order to earn some money; on the downside, you could end up spending a lot of money on PPC and don’t see a dime on earnings. Pay-Per-Sale or Lead is the most popular affiliate program because you don’t risk money, and you only get paid when someone you drive to your affiliate program buys something.

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