Perhaps you are looking to make a part time income online or perhaps you want a full time income through affiliate marketing, regardless it is important to choose the right free to join affiliate programs that are available in order to save you a lot of frustration and the temptation to quit. Everyone wants to know how much can you really make with affiliate marketing and the truth is very simple. How much you make depends on how much work you put into it. Affiliate marketing does not make someone a millionaire overnight. The single biggest factor I have found in making money through affiliate marketing depends a lot on the right free to join affiliate programs and select products through them that interest you.

Every affiliate programs have different methods of payouts. You could earn ten cents a click or one hundreds per sale. The per-sale payout often varies on the basis of the the product you choose to promote. It is essential to remember that you should focus on programs that you will be able to do well in. In fact, most individuals choose products they already have some knowledge or information about as they get started. It is easier to begin promoting a product you might know something about. It is best to analyze what strengths you have before you choose your product or even your affiliate program.

I never recommend joining multiple affiliate programs. Just sign up with two or three and that will be plenty. Just focus on a few free to join affiliate programs and find a few products that interest you and begin promoting. I’m going to share with you now the four main free to join affiliate programs that I use on a weekly basis for promotion that have a large variety of products.

Clickbank. This is my favorite affiliate program and it is 100% free to join. Clickbank is one of the most famous online programs for many years. With Clickbank all of the products are digital so the transactions are quick. Most merchants on Clickbank do a great job providing marketing material to the affiliates. This includes everything from banners, articles, landing pages, and videos. Clickbank has one of the highest commission rates. Most products are at 50% commision. This is a great place to start and make money.

ShareASale. This growing and large free to join affiliate program is the most user friendly affiliate program online. ShareASale deals mostly with real life products from jewelery, environmental, clothing, etc. If you have found or looking for a specific niche to promote products, ShareASale will help you get started with great promotional materials.

Click Kingdom. The largest affiliate program that is 100% free to join that specializes in the health industry. Click Kingdom is the number one spot online to promote health related affiliate products with high commissions. Click Kingdom provides all the banners and marketing materials you will need for all the various health products. If you are looking for anything health related you will find it here.

Ebay. You might of thought that making money with Ebay was a thing of the past but thousands of affiliate marketers would disagree. We are not talking about selling products we are talking about promoting products. Finding specific niches with links to Ebay on various products and when a product is sold you make a commission. This is a solid, reliable affiliate program that is free to join.

I just shared four of my favorite free to join affiliate programs that I use on a regular basis. All of the programs are free to join and loaded with promotional products for each product. Affiliate marketing success begins with finding the right free to join affiliate programs and finding products in those programs that excite you will lay a solid foundation in your beginning affiliate marketing success.

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