There are a host of affiliate marketing programs available for you to choose from today. Some are neophytes new to the market, others have a record of accomplishment and are very popular programs. Before you decide which affiliate program to align yourself with, take the time to investigate what each offers.

You may decide to stick with an affiliate program in a certain niche. You may also decide to form affiliate relationships with a variety of programs. You may want to choose affiliate programs that complement each other, while still being in a different niche from each other. That’s the beauty of the great variety of programs out there.

We’ll take a quick look here at three affiliate programs to give you an overview of what they provide. Two are article marketing affiliate programs and one is a bookselling and other merchandise affiliate program. While just a small sampling of what is out there, these will give you an idea of how affiliate programs operate.

The article distribution service called iSnare has a basic affiliate or referral program. In essence, their affiliate program earns you credits so you do not have to pay to get your own article writing efforts distributed by them. iSnare charges a fee to submit articles for affiliate marketers and others. However, if you become an affiliate and promote their service you can forgo these fees.

Here’s how it works. For each person you refer to iSnare who registers and purchases distribution credits, you earn credits. If someone purchases a five article distribution package, you will receive a free article distribution yourself. If someone, you refer, purchases a forty article distribution package you will receive six free article distributions. In this way, you can perform an article marketing campaign and pay little or nothing for it, as your referrals pay your way. iSnare does not pay in actual cash each month to an affiliate. has a referral program. Affiliates in their program receive up to fifteen percent commission on sales they refer. They offer a performance-fee pay structure or a classic fee structure. With the performance based option the higher your referrals, the greater your earnings will be. Their classic fee structure is a fixed-referral-rate plan. You earn a four percent referral fee on items offered by Amazon or by third parties. pays their affiliate partners on a monthly basis. They provide their affiliates a portal where they can view traffic and earnings reports. It’s a place where affiliates can read the latest news and opportunities available to them. They update this portal daily so the information is current. provides their affiliates formatted links, which they can put on their websites or blogs.

Article Marketer, an article distribution service, has their affiliate program. They offer multi-tier commissions to their affiliate members. As an affiliate with them, you will earn twenty-five percent commissions on any Article Marketer subscription sales you generate. You will also earn a five percent commission whenever someone you refer as an affiliate makes a sale.

Article Marketer gives credit for commissionable sales to an affiliate whenever they occur. If one of your customers comes back a year later to purchase, you still get credit for the sale. They offer real time tracking of your orders and commissions as well. In addition, Article Marketer pays their affiliate members on a monthly basis.

When it comes to promoting Article Marketer on your websites and blogs, the company offers many tools. They provide banners, linking codes, special offers, and promotions. They also provide their affiliates sales copy, articles, news items, and more to help build sales. On top of all that, Article Marketer has their Affiliate Marketers Blog where discussion of important marketing topics takes place.

With the myriad of affiliate programs available, you have to do your homework. You will expend time and effort in your affiliate marketing business. Make sure your time and effort is with an affiliate program that gives you the tools, commissions, and support you need to succeed.

Jim Slader manages the affiliate program at Article Marketer, the largest article distribution service on the Internet. Earn commissions on a product that virtually sells it; become an Article Marketer Affiliate today. Join the winning team: it’s quick and easy .

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