You’ve discovered your niche, created a website and joined an affiliate marketing program. Now what? How can you build revenue from affiliate programs? Article marketing is the answer.

Your articles represent you across the Internet and serve to establish you as an expert in your field. Your articles are used to create interest to draw readers back to your site through your web site link. This form of suggestive marketing targets visitors likely to click on links to your affiliate programs. More clicks convert to more revenue.

Effectively build revenue from affiliate programs with article marketing by following a few simple steps.

Step 1: Write a killer article. Give the readers information they want. Tell them what they want to know on a given topic and generate interest in your personal website. This is also where you establish yourself as an expert. Present yourself well and you will gain the trust of your readers. Once you develop a reputation as a credible source, readers will feel the need to click your link to get more information.

Step 2: Carefully place keyword phrases throughout the article. A well-written article designed to drive in traffic to build wealth from affiliate programs will not achieve its goal if it doesn’t include the proper placement of keywords and keyword phrases.

A general rule is to include the keyword in the title of the article, in the beginning paragraph and sprinkled throughout the article. Losing sight of your keywords is a surefire way to slip in the page ranks when it comes to keyword searches.

Step 3: Come up with content for your author box that convinces the reader to click on the link to your site. The author box is your chance to boast about your credentials and expertise and offer a link to your site and your affiliate program. If done correctly, the author box hooks your reader into clicking on the links and acts as a presale for what your affiliate has to offer. Creating back links from quality sites across the Internet, however, is a powerful way increase your page rank among search engines and everywhere your article is published, a back link is created.

Step 4: Submit the article to an article distribution service for maximum exposure. Don’t waste your time distributing one article at a time and hoping for back links that will raise your revenue. Use an article distribution and submission service to put your article and link in front of thousands of online readers.

Step 5: Watch the number of page views, back links and revenue rise dramatically. Once your article has been submitted and distributed across the Internet, you should see growth in all of these areas as you build your reputation as a credible source.

You can certainly to get excited about the increase in your page views and your revenue at this point, but you’ve only just begun. To see continual growth on your site and build revenue from your affiliate programs with article marketing you need to repeat steps one through five on a regular basis.

It’s especially nice to build revenue from affiliate programs with article marketing because it’s free. You’ll create valuable back links to your site and bring targeted visitors to your affiliate program.

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