In a prior video, I explained the need to have a funded proposal. I know this process will take time in order to build trust and sponsor potential partners into your primary business.

Want to Make Money NOW!

I understand you want to start making money right away. My Lead System PRO took care of this issue by providing 15 plus affiliate programs to join.

I will show you how you can start to make money on auto-pilot with affiliate programs. So, let’s get started…

Auto-Responders and Affiliate Programs

One part of the funded proposal is the auto-responder. Sending emails to your leads is how you follow up and build a relationship.

MLSP has already provided you with 26 emails to incorporate into your auto-responder. In these emails are links to the various affiliate programs in the back office.

Benefits of Utilizing Affiliate Programs

Even if your lead does not sign up for My Lead System PRO or your primary business, you can still make money. Your leads will click on the link and purchase the affiliate programs you recommend in your emails.

Why? Because by building a relationship with your leads, you also build trust.

People do not buy from companies. They buy from people they trust.

Here’s another benefit — once a lead joins your team in My Lead System PRO, the links in their back office has your affiliate links. Therefore, when a new member goes through the steps of setting up their system, you will receive the commission on their purchases.

This is all done on auto-pilot. Leaving you more time to start driving traffic to your site.

Sign Up For All Free Affiliate Program in MLSP

As you may recall while setting up your system, you were told that it is ok to start with just the first group of affiliates. This is fine, however, I do not want you to be missing out on any sales.

I suggest that you go back and sign-up for all of the free affiliate programs. You can always go back and sign up for the paid affiliates at any time.

If you do not have an affiliate account for any of these affiliates, then the commission is transferred to your upline. You lose the sale and your sponsor gets the commission.

Same goes for the recommended primary business. If you have not set up your primary business in the back office of MLSP, the system will automatically recommend your sponsor’s primary instead.

Affiliate Commission Pay Out

Payments from affiliate programs are not paid out through My Lead System PRO. You will want to keep track of these affiliate programs and how you will receive payment — by check, paypal or any other means.

I have created the Affiliate Commissions Account Sheet to help you keep track of pertinent information, such as:

* Affiliate Program
* Username
* Password
* Method of Payment

You can also keep track of the amount of commissions received each month. You will need this information for accounting purposes.

Affiliate Commissions Account Sheet – see resource box for download

This account sheet already includes the affiliate programs offered through MLSP. I provided a blank sheet for additional affiliate programs you may be utilizing.

To be sure you are not missing out on any commissions, take this time and return to your back office to sign up for all the free affiliate programs.

You can download your copy of the Affiliate Commissions Account Sheet at Tamra Trowbridge Official Blog. Also, you can claim your training and tools to help enrich you and your marketing skills. You will get your FREE training sent immediately to your inbox.

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