Affiliate marketing has been in existence in one form or another since the beginning of time. Some Christians prefer wages than profit and think going into business is bad so they have little interest in affiliate marketing. The great Christian businessman, Robert LeTourneau, in his book “Mover of Men and Mountains” said that as a Christian business man God was his partner.

So this article is about partnering with God and finding an affiliate program to make some profit. Christian affiliate programs presents an excellent opportunity for stay-at-home moms, retirees and aspiring Christian entrepreneurs to use their online knowledge to supplement their income to help themselves and family.

In fact, if taken seriously, this could be their main source of income. There are a number of Christian base affiliate marketing opportunities. You just have to be selective as some use the word “Christian” only for the sake of business. The good things in life are up stream, not down stream.

So, you may not succeed at the outset, but with perseverance and a little bit of common sense you can find the right Christian affiliate program for you. There are some Christians who have done fantastically well with network marketing programs like Amway, Fruit A Vida, Melaleuca and others. These can be difficult, that is why I think many Christians can make money through affiliate marketing. With faith all things are possible.

Here is a list of High paying Christian Affiliate programs:

1. Christian Soul Mates Affiliates earn 40% commission for all member sign up. In addition, affiliate get 10% extra for all Christian webmasters referred to the program.

2. Dayspring This is the biggest provider of Christian greeting cards. The company offers more than 1100 Christian products online and touch more than 850 million people each year. Affiliates can earn from 12% to 18% Commissions with a 90 days referral. This is a great program and you earn money by promoting it to churches, ministries and other Christian organization.

3. 123 Christian 123 Christian is a business directory of Christian affiliated businesses. Affiliates earn 20 % commission for referring visitors that end up purchasing a directory listing. In addition, the company has a second tier program that allows affiliates that refers other affiliates to earn an additional 5% commission on every sale.

4. Worship Guitar Class Affiliates earn a 20% commission on every customer that signs up for guitar lesson. Promote Christian music and get paid.

5. Christian shirts This program pays a generous 15% commission. Promote shirts with Christian messages that inspire. Add an affiliate link or banner and start promoting today.

6. Pacific Oracle Great opportunity for those who have a website or social media page. Affiliates earn 15 to 32% commission on every sale by click through link or banner ads.

7. c28 C28 provides a laundry list of alternative Christian themed clothing, jewelry and accessories for youth and adults. C28 clothing are great conversation starters for people sharing their faith. Commission is 10 to 15% of sales.

8. Singles of Faith They have a large dating network encouraging Christian singles to be equally yoked. They pay a high commission of 45% per referral with checks paid monthly.

9. Christian Cafe Another Christian dating site with top paying commission. They pay 40% for each client you refer. Member fees ranges from $ 34 to $ 109 .

10. Jerusalem Export House This company has a large inventory of Christian items, Holy Land items, and Christian Jewish products. They offer commission of 15% of sales

11. Christian Books Christian Books is the largest sellers of Christian books, audio Bibles, gospel Music and Church supplies online. Commission on sales ranges from 10 to 12 percent

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