It is very tempting to jump in and sign up for the first affiliate program that appeals to you. How do you know which are the best affiliate programs. What is the competition? Is it a good price or is someone selling it cheaper? You need to do some hard-edged research to find the best affiliate programs right from the beginning.

To find the best affiliate programs put your area of interest into a search engine such as Google. For instance dog grooming. Put “dog grooming” into the search engine. Just note here that I have put parentheses around the words. This is so the search engine only comes up with sites with these two words together. If you don’t do this you will get all the sites containing ‘dog’ and ‘grooming’ separately.
First of all, see what the top sites are for this search item. Not all will be relevant. Check through a few pages of these and see what they are talking about or selling.

When you have got some ideas, and this can take time, then do another search – this time put in ‘dog grooming “affiliate program” because you are now looking for the best affiliate programs. Notice this time I have put the parentheses around the ‘affiliate program’.

I also advise that you do other searches around your main topic because you are not always looking for exact matches but relevant matches. This brings me to my next point. You need to be looking for a range of the best affiliate programs for products or services.

After all, what might appeal to you as the best affiliate programs, which answers all your needs, might not do it for someone else. By having a range of products to offer you begin to look as though you are someone who has a wider interest than say “dog grooming in Utah”. Successful affiliate marketers are those that carefully choose the best affiliate programs across their sector.

Try, even early in your learning process, to think about what will make your particular business unique. What will set you apart? How will you differentiate yourself?

The best ways to differentiate your affiliate business is you! You are unique and have a unique way of thinking about things. This is particularly relevant if you are going to be using your blog as your main way of promoting the best affiliate programs. Getting a reputation for choosing the best affiliate programs will bring your customers back again and again.

What can you be saying, offering or reviewing with your own personal slant? After all, the best blogs have their own personal style, quirks, humor etc. Think about this when you are selecting the best affiliate programs.

The more research you do the more informed you will be about the best affiliate programs, but don’t spend weeks and weeks on this. Decide on a cut off point and stick to it. Nothing is more time wasting than spending too much time on research and never getting into action.

You won’t get it all right at the beginning. The most important thing is to start with the best affiliate programs you can source and enough information to allow you to take your first steps into affiliate marketing.

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