Well if you are then there are about 5 zillion places you could look. One of the things I would suggest to you to save time and money and cut down on searching time and start making some money is to check out some of these affiliate marketing or affiliate programs blogs available. These sites are nice because they truly give you a sense of direction as far as make money programs online. Which ones are good, which ones are bad. Which ones will make you BIG money and which ones won’t.

They also give you articles and blog posts on things you should be familiarizing yourself with such as how to make money online, what is an affiliate, how do affiliate programs work, etc. You need to know these things in order to better understand how to make money with these types of programs. They really are unlike anything you have or will ever see. Millions of people around the world make thousands of dollars off of these affiliate or “associate” programs every single month. The process is simple.

Join an affiliate hub or a site that has a program for affiliates. Make a website with a specific product (or products) and get people to that site by way of traffic exchanges, buying traffic, article marketing, PPC, etc. Once you get these people to your site they will buy those products on your site and you will get a percentage of money that the Advertiser will pay you for. So say for example, you decide you want to sell MP3 players on your blog. The MP3 player itself can be bought on the advertisers site for a mere $ 100.

But for every single one you sell, you get 45%. So your cut is $ 45. That means for every $ 100 player you sell you get $ 45. The amount will accumulate into the account and you can “cash out” (usually by check or PayPal) when your account reaches a certain amount of money. If you sell 100 players, you made around $ 4500. Pretty sweet if you think about it. And really you can sell anything you want. If you have a specific interest in a particular product or you know a lot about a product – you can choose whatever you want to sell.

But the thing with the sites online that I like that teach you what to do and how to do is that they will give you suggestions for some of the highest paying sites out there. This is what you want. Going back to the MP3 players; would you rather join a site that pays you 20% or 45%? Obviously the higher amount! And that is what these blogs give you; they shed light on the prospective possibilities available to you out there!

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