The huge advances that have been made in e-commerce through the internet have led to one of the easiest ways of making money, by becoming involved with affiliate programs. There is a wide range of affiliate programs available for making your website profitable. If you have your own website, then using one of these programs, or more, is an advantage because you can control the programs that you promote for your visitors. If you do not have your own website, you can still join a program, as there are many top affiliate programs available which provide you with a website where the site is already designed to promote specific products.

There are many different features of a good affiliate program. Affiliate programs are available with complete design integration with your website, so you can make specific changes according to your needs, such as add your header, footer, change background, text and navigation features. Here are some of the other most beneficial features that you should look for in any program that you are considering becoming involved with:

* The affiliate program must have built-in protection system, such as Click Spammers, to prevent click fraud.
* It should offer an unlimited number of flash banners, popups, search links, image banners, can be added to the affiliate program.
* The affiliate program system has multiple domains and unlimited landing pages support so you can set a different landing page for every text, banner, search box, ad links. You can also use different links for different products.
* The affiliate program software should be designed for up to 7 downline levels or more if you want to be very serious about your involvement, but it can become extremely complex to manage. A person can set different commission levels for each level. Affiliates can view the Downline and Upline network of all the members above, and below them, and details of the affiliate program companions are also available for them to keep in contact and exchange ideas and suggestions to help improve their marketing techniques.
* The affiliate program needs to be compatible with the billing and shopping system of your company to ensure no costly issues arise.
* Affiliate program owners should provide comprehensive support for recurring payment commissions to ease administration.
* The commission payable from the affiliate program can be designed in the form of flat fee, but also has the facility for paying higher commissions for preferred affiliates to improve their status.
* Affiliate programs should also have facility for multi currency support, particularly dollars, pounds stirling, and euros.

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