Affiliate programs can make you a decent amount of income on the side without having your own product and sales copy. There exists another side of affiliate programs though. You probably work hard and long for the affiliate checks that you do get.

But do have any idea how many hard earned dollars of your affiliate money you do not get? What are some of the methods that you can employ in order to get all that you fully deserve as a hard working affiliate? One way is to try and be different. Try your best not to appear like everyone else.

Put a completely different face on your identification link. You can easily redirect or cloak your affiliate link. Lets take a look at some ways that you should redirect your affiliate link in order to reap your rightful benefits.

The first is spam. Stay away from using the same link coming from the same domain as everybody else. The spam filters will start to pick up on that domain as being a sales letter email and will block it as spam.

Whenever the filters see that address in the email it will get blocked as spam and get blacklisted, especially if it is a large promotion. By redirecting your link, it will contain your domain name and will get an easier ride thru the spam filters.

Lets consider search engine optimization. If you write articles and submit them with a signature file that has an affiliate link, the affiliate site gets the back links. In addition, unscrupulous people can easily get rid of your affiliate id.

Use your domain as a redirect to the affiliate program and you will get the backlinks to your site and better SEO rankings. Some affiliate programs give you cloaking links to prevent removal of your identification marker. While this is a great step, it does not address the loss of backlinks.

Another reason is that it will make you look more professional as a marketer. You would not appear as someone who is just promoting all kinds of affiliate programs.

There are many simple software solutions that can change your links. These programs are not pricey at all. Many are available as freeware or shareware through popular sites that offer these kinds of products.

Whatever program or software you choose, the key is to make your domain as the primary axis on your journey throughout the World Wide Web. As a result traffic will increase and customers will be clicking away on your links in no time.

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