Are you an affiliate marketer? Have you tried to sell affiliate products? Did you have success? Did you make a profit?

When someone tells me they are an affiliate marketer, I like to ask the above question to find out how they are making money because I know most of the programs out there are worthless.

Are They Really?

I have tried hundreds of opportunities only to find out that most of them are crap. 99% of the opportunities I have tried turned out to be a flop. Most of them are created by finding things on the internet that already exist, reselling something that already exist and then trying to market them to someone who has not yet found it.

A perfect example,

How To Profit Google Adwords

How To Produces Videos That Sell

Successfully Marketing on Ebay

How To Make $ 1,000,000.00 From Home

I Made $ 10,000 While Sleeping

Sound familiar? It should because those are the most popular headlines on the internet today. Most of the programs sell you promises that play on your emotions, and once you join you are given information that is just enough to make you think you got a bargain and not want a refund, but not enough information to really give you the answers to help you succeed and make a profit. I have found this to be the main fault with 99% of most internet affiliate programs today.

These programs sound very promising to you because they promise to make you lots of money and take you to financial freedom. Lead pages get you into believing their story of being broke, almost getting a divorce, the dog ran away and hopefully it will play into yours. Once you do, you are programed to click the buy button upon believing this is the one that is going to take you into financial freedom.

So easy my grandmother can do it.

Your emotions play an important role in getting you to click the buy button. That is why most internet marketers use them. Stop and think for a moment before you click the buy button and ask yourself, are you buying this program for the knowledge you will receive, or because you have been in the same sad story.

After failing at lots of opportunities I set out on a quest to find 3 Real Programs, with Real Products. These 3 programs must hold up to their promise of teaching me something that really does work.

What I have discovered on my journey about affiliate marketing programs is that if the sales page starts out with How Broke, Lost My Car, A Miracle Happen, Discovered, Secrets Revealed or similar statements, chances are you are aiming for a failure. In my opinion, if they have to play on your emotions to sell their product, it is probably not worth the investment.

I needed these programs to sell me on the product and not on emotion. If they could, then I knew I had at least found a program worth trying. These programs needed to really have legitimate material that I could benefit from. If they contained any emotional speeches, I did not take action.

After a loss of $ 5000 I finally found 3 programs that really proved to me they were worth buying. Luckily these programs were really top notch. They had everything I needed to succeed in making money. The program really had legitimate material I could benefit from. They actually showed me the proper way to make money.

Don’t take the losses I did to find a legitimate program. There really are some legitimate programs out their amongst the crap. Review them at: My Company

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