Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular was to make money online. Its appeal comes from the hands off nature of this form of marketing. With affiliate marketing you do not have deal with customer support requests or be involved with the delivery of the product. All you have to do is drive traffic to the affiliate offer.

Here are a number of affiliate marketing success tips to help you identify what to look out for in an affiliate marketing program:

Lifetime Tracking – It is good to refer people affiliate offers that have lifetime customer tracking. This means that if they purchase another product from the vendor, even if it is 6 months later, then you will also be credited with that sale as well as any other purchase made. The best affiliate programs that offer lifetime customer tracking seem to be with the Infusion Soft platform. With InfusionSoft the vendor is easily able to track where their customers came from so you get credit. Where as somewhere like Clickbank you will get an initial commission for the sale but then that vendor is free to hammer the buyer with offers on the backend and you won’t see any of that money.

High Ticket Programs – Make sure you have top tier opportunities to promote in your sales funnel for the big commissions. It are these high ticket products that enable you to put a lot of money into paid advertising because just one sale of them means you have made your money back. Without these large commissions on the follow-up sequence it is hard to scale your business.

Turnkey Business In A Box – When you are a newbie you don’t want to have to try and create your own products and sales pages and handle customer support etc. That is why in all my home based business tips for success articles I recommend that affiliate marketing should be a big part of your online business opportunity of choice. That way you just send traffic to an existing offer and earn commissions without handling the customer support or selling side of things.

Training – It is important to have a solid foundation in your internet marketing training so that you can start going about generating leads & sales for your business. Most people jump between different strategies and training products and lack focus. So it is important to use one internet marketing training product and stick to one step by step process to avoid distraction and confusion. Make sure that affiliate program that you join gives you all the training needed to succeed.

Market Daily – Most people start doing lots and lots of learning and research and sitting around thinking about things when they first start out in a home based business opportunity. But the only way to make money with a home business is to actually do marketing. So focus all of your efforts of doing marketing: writing articles and blog posts, create videos, do paid advertising with Ezine solo ads, banner ads, media buys, Facebook Pay Per Click campaigns etc. Just do whatever it takes to drive website traffic to your offer.

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