Internet based affiliate marketing is truly a great way to get started because you actually can join an affiliate program and start promoting it minutes from now.

Some affiliate programs may take little longer for you to be approved. However, once you are approved you can start making money right away. The question then becomes what are the best.affiliate marketing programs to join.

1. Research online. Affiliate marketing is primarily done on the Internet. Therefore you want to go online and start looking at affiliate networks to find programs to join.

Associate Programs is a good website for finding affiliate programs to join. Affiliate networks that offer plenty of programs and products to sell include Offer Vault and ClickBank. Commission Junction is another one.

One advantage to joining an affiliate network is you can use one ID number for multiple products. This is really true with ClickBank where your one hop link ID number gives you access to thousands of products to make money selling.

2. Which business model? There are basically four ways to make money as an affiliate marketer.

You can sell other people’s stuff, get leads for advertisers, get people to click on leads, or join a 2-tier affiliate program and recruit affiliates to sell underneath you.

All of these are equally good. It comes down to your personal preference. There are literally people earning six-figure incomes in all of these various business models.

Some people start with the Google Adsense which is a PPC affiliate program. This makes sense because you are not asking your website visitor to purchase anything.

When you first start out you want to find ways to make money that are as easy as possible. This is why so many people start with Google.

3. Buy the product. One idea that I personally like is promoting affiliate products that I have personally purchased.

This is good because you can write product reviews about the product and use that to resell it. When you do this you are writing based on personal experience which will help you to write a better review.

This strategy will also allow you to target a specific niche. Niche marketing is one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing because many times you have less competition.

These are all tips that can help you get started with internet based affiliate marketing. It’s exciting to know that average people are making money and you can be one of them. For a faster start to affiliate marketing I recommend the Affiliate Power Group.

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