Affiliate marketing has been described in many different ways but there is really one simple way to describe what affiliate marketing really is. Affiliate marketing is a enormous market in today’s internet business world. It is an uncomplicated and inexpensive way for one to start his/her own internet business with very little to no cash investment. Affiliate marketing is in essence an agreement between a business owner/merchant who has a product or service to sell and a salesperson/affiliate who wants to sell that product or service.

Recognition for affiliate marketing has grown due mainly to the fact that affiliate marketing is an easy way for a merchant to have loads of people spending their own money and time to sell his/her products or services. Many possible internet entrepreneurs are discovering the value of affiliate marketing and how they can finally begin their own business with little or no initial cash outlay. on the other hand, many new affiliates fail because they do not spend the time necessary to gain knowledge about affiliate marketing and how to make it work.

It is safe to say that affiliate marketing, although highly efficient and profitable, has frequently been misunderstood. A common misunderstanding about affiliate marketing is “selling”, although selling is a crucial part of affiliate marketing and also the livelihood of any business. Another mistaken belief linked with affiliate marketing is that it is repeatedly linked with “advertising”.

While advertising and marketing a product or service are important and should not be taken for granted. The simple fact is that advertising and selling are just a part of the numerous functions of affiliate marketing. An affiliate for a company is paid for getting guests to go to the company’s web site and purchasing a product or service. Commission percentages differ depending on the product/service price and the company.

There are many affiliate programs on the market today. Many are individual merchants and still a lot fit in to networks like ClickBank and Commission Junction. The individual merchants are accountable for handling all the details of the affiliate program and the relationships between affiliates. Whereas, with the affiliate networks, there are many merchants listed in one location allowing one to partner with several merchants at one time. The networks also make doing business easier for both the merchant and affiliate. The networks handle keeping track of all sign-ups, sales, and commission payouts. frankly, affiliate networks are a very simple and convenient vehicle for a person new to affiliate marketing to get started.

The affiliate group, for instance, Clickbank and Commission Junction, operate as a third party between the merchant and the affiliate. Whereas with the individual merchant-affiliate program there is no middle man. In the affiliate network platform, the network provides the technology to distribute the merchant’s products and services.

A merchant or affiliate can join one of these networks just by merely navigating to one or to all and signing up. Once a merchant signs up the network will handle keeping track of all the affiliates and paying their commissions. On the affiliate side, affiliates can sign up for one or many programs right there in one place which makes life for the affiliate marketer much.

The benefits are tremendous. All you do is supply the product or service. The network lists your product or service on its network and affiliates sign up to endorse your product or service. A merchant can potentially gain hundreds or even thousands of affiliate sales people in a short period of time. Once an affiliate signs up to promote your product or service it would be a excellent idea to visit the affiliate site to make sure the topic is well suited with your product or service. This practice will help ensure added sales for your product or service.

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