Affiliate programs are good for you as the manager because your affiliates perform most of the sales while you let your affiliates do most of the effort. It’s a good way for both parties to make money, and with the right software, most affiliate management tasks can be almost completely automated.

There are many affiliate management software programs available, with new ones becoming available almost every day. They range from inexpensive to expensive, simple to complex, and so on. Finding the one that is right for your affiliate program will take some time and effort, but getting one is just right for you is worth the effort you put into it.

Affiliate Networks

Affiliate networks are run by a third-party format. If you join one, the affiliate network itself will do most of the work for you. They’ll handle lead and sales tracking, as well as affiliate payment and statistics. They’ll even do some of your own promotion for you.

If you want an affiliate network to handle your program for you, it’ll cost you. Although fees vary from organization to organization, they’re usually taken as a percentage of each sale you’ll make. Most also have set up fees.

Hosted Affiliate Solutions

In this particular type of set up, the affiliate software program is hosted by a third party, but you, the manager, control it yourself. These can work for you if you want to control a program but don’t want to take up a lot of bandwidth or space with affiliate software. Usually, set up is minimal for these, so that this is a good solution for you if you’re not a technical expert.

Some of these programs also have shopping carts and payment systems, so that running this type of affiliate program is even easier. Some also let you upgrade to a dedicated tracking server if you have a lot of affiliates. These are generally more flexible and of lower price than affiliate networks are. Usually, there’s a one-time setup fee, followed by a monthly fee.

Do-It-Yourself Affiliate Software

That if you want to run your affiliate program with your own hosting, you can do that too. This is usually the least expensive way to do it, which only requires a one-time fee to purchase the software itself. Usually, set up is required, and it may or may not be difficult, but some providers can do this for you for an extra fee as well.

Some providers will also offer you shopping carts that have affiliate tracking features built in. This allows you to have both features with just one set up and makes it much easier to use. It’s important for you to make sure that these types of set ups include every feature you need before you buy.

When You Purchase an Affiliate Program Software Package

If you’re deciding between affiliate software packages, there are some things to consider:

The software itself must be affordable. Otherwise, it’s going to be expensive enough that it will cut into your profits and make your business less lucrative for you. It could even defeat the ultimate purpose of your having an affiliate program the first place.

It must offer a tracking capability. Cookies are usually the best way to ensure that affiliates get credit for their sales leads, even if they don’t occur on a visitor’s first time to your web site. If you use a software program that utilizes them, it will make tracking easier and make sure your affiliates get paid fairly, which will keep them happy and ultimately working for you.

It must be flexible. Some programs offer multiple commission levels, the ability to pay for sales leads and other features that let you customize them. This is important if you offer these capabilities, but to keep things simple, you can save yourself this type of money if you get a program that doesn’t allow for this have customization, which is unnecessary if you won’t be using it anyway.

You need easy payment integration. Basically, you need to make payments quickly and easily. This can not only save you time, but again, it keeps your affiliates happy. Different programs offer different types of integration with different payment systems. Your program should work with the payment system you choose.

In short, the affiliate program software you choose can help you keep things running smoothly, thus ensuring a more successful business. If you find the right program, it’ll mean less work for you and will let you concentrate on other things that need your attention.

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