An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between affiliates and merchants. Different affiliate networks are unique in their own way. With the start of 4th quarter, much to the delight of affiliate marketers, the holiday season is taking on. While this time of year is definitely busy and often stressful, it is also the season when most affiliate marketers earn the majority of their income, with projected US online holiday sales to reach $ 42 billion this year. Different affiliate networks act differently to grab this opportunity.

Here we talk about how different affiliate networks work and how they differ from one another.

Google Affiliate Network: If you are an advertiser, here you will find large pre-screened affiliates who can bring to your site the traffic of potential clients or consumers; and if you are an affiliate, you will earn certain money as sales percentage or referral bonus. Google maintains thorough standards of network quality. It has a very dependable conversion tracking system that makes Google so special over other networks. The Google Affiliate Network enables automatic payments to publishers and flexible commissions to affiliates.

Intermark Media Affiliate Network: It is an interactive marketing company based on performance and entirely serving the digital advertising section. The areas of its function can be observed in Online Ad Network, Proprietary Websites and Lead Generation.

ClickBank Affiliate Network: Founded in 1998. It makes a sale somewhere in the world every three seconds, safely processing more than 26,000 digital transactions a day. ClickBank serves more than 200 countries, and is consistently ranked as one of the most highly-trafficked sites on the web. It is one of the online affiliate networks that make available content like e-books, software, subscriptions through its network of affiliate marketers, product publishers. Its network comprises of 100,000 affiliates, 36,000 digital products and more than 12,000 product publishers.

Copeac Affiliate Network: It is a performance based Intermark Media’s Ad Network that touches consumers more than 100 million per month and over 15 million users a month. It is known as the advertisers’ paradise since year 2005.

Hydra Affiliate Network: It is known as the network with exclusive CPA and highest payouts to its affiliates. It is also known for its biggest advertising network and performance-based ad publishing. The real time campaign tracking system of Hydra makes it one of its kind and the dependable in the industry.

Commission Junction Affiliate Network: Identified as a global leader in the online advertising channels of affiliate marketing and managed search. It is truly a global network in affiliate industry setting standards for network excellence and superior reporting tools.

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How Affiliate Networks Function

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