Hi guys, inside this article I’m going to talk about health affiliate networks; can they really be as good as they say they are? Could you have confidence in them to pay you?

My years of experience in this industry has educated me in things to look out for, and just how to steer clear of the “bad apples”. After reading this, you should gain a greater understanding into this industry and hopefully set out along the proper path.

Okay so, You’re looking through this because you want a cut of the pie. Earning money online is exciting to say the least, but tread carefully; after all, you don’t need to place your cash in the hands of of the wrong individuals.

Firstly, prior to joining up to the first health affiliate network that you find, it will always be a good idea to do a little bit of research right before you sign on the line. It can be very easy to place your trust in a company that advertises health products, particularly if they have a good looking site, unfortunately, not every one of these affiliate networks are great as they claim to be.

For instance, Whilst some networks pay handsome commission fees (often upwards of 50%) you might discover in the contract details that the business involved withholds your money unless you reach a specific threshold. Now, there can be no problem with this; many companies do this to avoid wasting themselves cash from repeatedly needing to transfer your payments. However, always ensure you glance at this payment threshold and decide if you are prepared to wait for your payments.

Next, make sure that the company has some reputation and has been in business for at least six months to 1 yr. Often, whilst a company that offers an affiliate program does have good objectives, the first year of business is definitely a risky one. If you’re selling products associated with company and generating repeated sales, you could be in for a shock if the merchant goes “bust”; so, you may lose all of the commission!

As nearly all of you will understand, I am an affiliate for many health affiliate networks but let me tell you, it hasn’t been an easy journey. Over the years, I have had to look high and low for the best affiliate networks on the market and I can rather confidently say today, I am comfortable with the businesses which I now do business with.

What I personally find, is that when working with a health affiliate network, it’s beneficial to speak with the group and the folks behind it. Often you find they are open with their commission fees; especially if you are a considerable seller. I’m not going to go over the details of additional commissions at this time, but it’s certainly worth giving thought to when you become successful.

I hope you found these tips beneficial and please remember, we are just scratching the surface with this article.

To find out more about the health affiliate networks which I suggest, feel free to visit my community forum at http://www.healthywealthyaffiliate.com where I teach hundreds of men and women how to make money through the health industry. Thanks for reading guys, here’s to your prosperity!

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