Hi in this article we want to cover affiliate marketing, which for many of us when we first start out is the simple entry level into making money online. It’s a terrific way to get started and make some money pretty fast without much of a financial outlay, so here goes…..

Lets Get Started If you’re into affiliate marketing, you know that there are lots of networks to choose from. Before you launch into using one, you want to make sure it’s going to give you a big payout. ClickBank is the one everybody knows, followed by the other 2 of the ‘big 3,’ LinkShare and ShareASale. There are also some little-known affiliate networks that can give you huge commissions.

Let’s look at the big 3 – ClickBank, LinkShare, and ShareASale


ClickBank is considered by many folks to be the best. It’s definitely the best known. It’s popular because it’s really easy to use and it’s been around for a long time.

It’s also popular because it has the potential to give you the highest commission rates. This is because ClickBank deals only in digital products, which can be made for 0 (or virtually 0) cost. For example, there are lots of eBooks and video courses. You can also make commissions on second and third tier sales. This means that you get others to join your and you get a commission from their sales as well.

ClickBank offers a wide range of payment options that include all major credit cards and Paypal. They have a good reputation for making payments on time, which can’t be said for every affiliate network. They also let you add tracking so that you know exactly where your sales are coming from.

ClickBank only sells downloadable products, and that’s also a downside of it. This means that it’s pretty limited. A lot of them are pretty lousy quality as well. There’s lots of garbage, so you have to check out the products you’re thinking about promoting carefully.

A lot of marketers look for ClickBank alternatives because of their return policy. They let customers return products for a full refund for up to 90 days after purchase. You have to abide by it. Some folks would rather use another network where they have more control over this.


LinkShare is also a huge network. They have all kinds of different products in a variety of categories. It’s easy to use and all of the information is centralized. One of the best things about LinkShare is its tracking system. It gives you more details on who’s buying what than any other network, and all the information is really easy to see. Their tracking system is definitely the easiest to use. They’re also really secure and reliable. They screen everyone and make it tough for merchants or other users to rip anybody off.

The downside is that it’s the most expensive and their commission rates aren’t anywhere near those of ClickBank. The payments can also take a bit longer to get to you because LinkShare has to get paid by the merchant first; then they pass the money on along to you.


ShareASale is one of the highest quality networks. It’s small but definitely the most-trusted. LinkShare is used by lots of experienced affiliate marketers.

They have a good reputation because their screening system is really good. When you use ClickBank, there are ways that merchants can hijack your sales. None of that here at ShareASale. It’s completely clean and there are no affiliate parasites or cookie stealers allowed. ShareASale pays you in full on-time and they’re really quick about it. Another thing that users love about SaS is that the customer service is fast, friendly and affiliate-oriented.

Their major disadvantage is that it’s a small network and there aren’t as many products to choose from. This is why some of the bigger affiliate networks don’t do business with them. They carry lesser-known brands and products, but sometimes these can convert really well if promoted well. Another common complaint is that their interface isn’t the prettiest or easiest to use. Navigating the system is a little bit awkward.

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