CPA means “cost-per-action” and is a type of performance-based online advertising. Within this model, advertisers will not pay for clicks or impressions, they pay with the action requested, which may be to obtain a lead or a sale. Even though CPA networks have much less market share than typical online programs, like pay-per-click models, they are slowly expanding that as both publishers and advertisers start to realize the many benefits that CPA networks can offer them.

In a recession, people are less likely to have money in their pockets, so they most likely are not shopping. Meaning that the return on investment for ad campaigns has dropped. Should they drop significantly, online companies cut their advertising budgets because they can’t determine from traditional models, whether they money spent is really giving them a good return on their investment. But, with CPA networks, they can pay for cost-per-action and so continue to create ad campaigns that work for them and for the publishers.

Rewards For CPA Network Publishers

Publishers can experience a myriad of advantages too! With Cpa affiliate networks they can:

Avoid Website Development – They will not necessarily have to even have an online site to implement the CPA Network offer, although they can be a good intermediary for some third party sites.

Eliminate Designing Landing Pages – With or without an internet site, the need to create squeeze pages falls mainly with the online advertiser. That’s because these are paying for an action carried out on their site, not for a click or an impression.

Reduced Learning Curve – Since you will not have to possess squeeze pages, websites, or even code a web page if you do not want to, you have more time to devote to finding relevant CPA offers and generating approaches that make money.

Higher Commissions – Clicks can get you a few cents per visitor, but CPA offers range from $ 1 to $ 50 per lead or sale. With a much higher payout available, the potential to generate income is easier.

Rewards For Advertisers

Pay For Performance – They do not have to pay for clicks that may or may not lead to a sale or even a lead. Instead, they pay for an action that will definitely develop a lead or even a sale. This way, they can a quantifiable return on investment, unlike other models.

Easier To Budget – Since the model is based on performance, and that performance can be a sale, they can easily budget money for advertising and know they aren’t wasting it. They can figure out how much profit they make on a sale and how much their campaign costs to obtain that sale, and then realize better and better ways to increase profits, with little to no risk of losing their principal investment with no return.

Fraud Prevention – Cpa online networks are not subject to click fraud like pay-per-click models. And, the members are vetted by CPA administrators intent on providing value to both publishers and affiliate marketer advertisers. So, there is far less risk involved with established Cpa affiliate networks.

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