It looks like the decline of the global financial system has brought on an explosion of affiliate marketers on the online marketing scene. But at the very least there is no short supply of truly excellent marketing programs and information. Today, highly successful affiliate marketer, Ryan Stevenson, has produced a new, powerful and versatile application called, The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin. Ever since the mid 1990s, Ryan is doing very well as an affiliate, product designer and Amazon Associate where he’s got tremendous experience and knowledge. There is a lot packed into Ryan’s new product, and our evaluation will only hit the best parts because we do not have adequate room for all of it.

The Product Style Plugin is actually compatible with WordPress versions 2.7 and above. Certainly Ryan has continued to update his plugin, so no worries about forward compatibility using upcoming WordPress releases. Working with the Product Style plugin will never be a headache as Ryan has prepared an extensive end user instructional doc for you. Ryan makes sure you have no challenges since he gives you an instructional PDF, plus the same details are published on the plugin website.

The singular focus with this plugin is to raise conversion rates, and that’s all it is meant to accomplish. Since he has been succeeding at this for about 15 years, it is safe to suppose he has learned all about conversion process optimization. What you could possibly be most curious about is knowing you will be in control over the way your ads are designed. Also, you can use the ads you custom generate with Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction which are certainly the most preferred affiliate networks. Designing and making your HTML ads is accomplished using the Admin Section of the plugin’s screen. That merely shows Ryan’s philosophy that having as much control as is feasible over your ads is one of the keys to successful affiliate advertising.

The program’s Admin area is to essentially tell the plugin what you need and how you choose your ads to look. Just a couple of cases are indicating ad categories and any options that are best suited for any ad. One potent feature consists of selecting the countries in which you want your advertisements to be viewable. One long ignored area of online business is overseas marketing. So what you get is the potential to determine where your ads will show up which is, again, extra control. However, this specific function regarding other countries is geared for Amazon Associates, primarily.

Designing your ads for all facets of borders that deal with colors, length and width and other features is available. If you wish to use a unique color for an ad background, then you are able to do that so it will blend in far better with your site colors. If you happen to be an Amazon Associate, the Product Style Plugin includes Amazon “Enhanced” ad configurations. That operation will permit you greater control over amount of appearance and page layout for your Enhanced ads.

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