The affiliate network is a neutral medium for advertisers and affiliates to mutually benefit from each other. The truth is that there are countless reasons why affiliates and advertisers should become members of an affiliate network. However, we will discuss five of the most compelling reasons.

1. Freedom of Choice

The great thing about an affiliate network, is that it gives you hundreds of affiliate programs to choose from in one place. The actual affiliate network spends much of its time and assets on attracting, and being attracted to affiliates who are able to steer targeted traffic towards advertisers’ sales pages. They also support top performing, estimable campaigns. This is how affiliates are able to come into contact with top end products, and make money from the sale thereof. With just one affiliate network, any affiliate is able to work with a myriad of advertisers and offers, all in one place.

2. A One On One Affiliation

The relationship between the affiliate network and the affiliate is of utmost importance. These relationships are necessary for structuring increased commissions (if the affiliates volume increases), in advertisers delivering affiliate-specific content, and in the advertiser and affiliate working together to assist the affiliate in maximizing the traffic to his site. The affiliate only deals with one entity, namely the affiliate network, rather than each of the advertisers individually. This clears out a lot of space on the affiliate’s calendar since the affiliate does not have to use any time building relationships with anyone except their affiliate network manager. Affiliate marketing is about relationships, and that is then all taken care of by the affiliate network. The affiliate network will provide top quality support and a great training area for the affiliate to build up their skills, learn and grow.

3. Live Tracking

Comparing and contrasting different marketing methods is essential to the development of any affiliate’s business. One of the greatest tools to implement such methods is the real-time tracking which is provided by most affiliate networks. Real-time tracking gives affiliates immediate feedback regarding which of their marketing strategies are working, and which need some work. This software which tracks clicks, impressions, leads, and sales for each campaign is not inexpensive, and needs a fair share of maintenance. This will be provided to affiliates at no cost by the network. Furthermore, the network will provide its affiliate with state of the art reporting tools to monitor their statistics, graphs to illustrate trends, and even fraud monitoring capabilities to counter click fraud.

4. Risk of Payment Eliminated

Every affiliate who promotes an affiliate program outside the confines of an affiliate network is taking on the risk that they may not receive their commission. The truth is that if a company decides not to pay its affiliates, the affiliates have very little recourse. Conversely, an affiliate network acts as the medium between affiliate and advertiser, ensuring that all parties receive payment in a timely fashion.

For example, we operate an affiliate network which accepts payment directly from the buyer. Hence, advertisers in our network do not have the option of not paying affiliates for their hard work.

5. Precise and Prompt Payment

Another advantage which an affiliate network provides is payment to affiliates on a set schedule. Not only is this one less burden for the advertiser to deal with, it also ensures that affiliates are paid on time and with accurate amounts. The nice thing is that no matter how many different affiliate programs the affiliate was promoting, they receive one lump sum payment.

Affiliates have the duty of amplifying traffic to their websites by providing their visitors with valuable, unique content. The affiliate network makes it possible for affiliates to focus on their core competencies, while enabling the affiliate to be sure that they have the highest conversion rate possible.

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