Is your website attracting some traffic? If it does, you can an extra money by simply posting a merchant’s link on your page. If your visitor clicks on the link and buys a product from the merchant, you may earn 5% to 40% commission of the total amount of purchase. The percentage depends on the merchant’s preference. There is another system which is called pay per click or lead. The merchant can pay you for every visitor that you direct to their shop or site.

Individuals who have merchant’s links on their sites are the ones we call affiliates, while the links are named affiliate links. The mutual-profiting system that pertains to the relation between the affiliate and the merchant is what we call affiliate program.

Most of the time, there are no fees to pay for you to join an affiliate program. Even the materials that you need to market the merchant’s product is free. All you have to do is get a linking code. This is the link that allows the business owner to monitor the traffic you direct to their site, as well as the purchases made by your recommended visitor. Do not mistake this for an MLM, as an affiliate only earns from the clicks, sales or leads yielded.

This program has few alterations that you might encounter. You may recruit a number of affiliates and get a commission from the sales they made. Another rendition includes a third-party network. In this program, the merchant and the affiliate gets to register in one website and make use of a common software that could monitor all the transactions. It can generate reports for both parties, making the work easier.

The second form of affiliate program is called affiliate networks. This third-party network is where the merchants and potential affiliates register. The affiliates can easily find a product they would like to advertise, or a niche they could post in their site that is related to the theme of their website or blog. Popular examples of this system are Clickbank and Commission Junction.

By being an affiliate myself, and a merchant too, I can say that one of the best product to participate in is something that is related to alternative health, or erotic enhancements. The cosmetics, skincare, and hobbies are popular with people too. Of course, the result will depend on the kind of traffic your website drives and their interests.

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