Many affiliate marketers commonly wonder what range of product prices to promote for the best results. Choosing the wrong price range can lead to low click through rates and low conversion rates, which easily reduces overall monthly revenue.

There are some benefits and disadvantages to promoting almost any price range, so affiliate marketers will need to decide what will work best for their situation. All affiliate niche markets are different, so there is not always a single solution to this problem.

Affiliate Product Price Variety
Some niches may do best promoting a wide variety of product prices to appeal to as many visitors as possible. One excellent strategy is to promote a cheap, budget items and an expensive items on each page that will have affiliate advertising.

By offering two different product selections for a specific topic, a marketer can use this variety of products to point out the key differences between the cheap and expensive products. This really works on a couple of levels that are beneficial for the marketer. It is an effective way to appeal to both low-income and high-income visitors, and it also provides an excellent opportunity to create a useful comparison page on the two products.

Cheap Product Prices
Many affiliate marketers avoid promoting cheap products because of the generally low commissions that are earned from each sale. While it is helpful to have higher commissions on each sale, that is basically the only disadvantage to promoting low priced products.

If a marketer pays for their website traffic, especially through pay-per-click advertising, promoting cheap products is likely a bad idea because the commissions may not be enough to pay for the advertising costs. However, if a marketer can attract free traffic to their site through search engines, article marketing, or social media networks, this can be an easy way to refer sales.

In general, promoting cheap products will increase click through rates and especially conversion rates on affiliate ads. It is actually a lot easier to talk ten people into purchasing a $ 10 product than it is to get one person to buy a $ 100 product. This means that sites promoting low priced products can generate regular sales with less traffic than a site that promotes expensive products.

Promoting Expensive Products
Most affiliate marketers will want to promote expensive products that offer large commissions per sale. While this is a good strategy to use, there is also a lot more competition on these types of products compared with the cheap ones. When you combine more competition with the fact that more traffic is needed to refer a sale on an expensive item, it is easy to understand how this strategy can actually be counterproductive.

When a sale is referred on something expensive, the high commission payout feels like a better accomplishment, but it is very important to consider how much time and effort goes into making that commission. Affiliate marketers that have exclusively promoted expensive items in the past should be encouraged to try a variety of prices to gauge which one actually offers the most reward for the time invested.

Sales Volume Based Commissions
One last important thing to consider is how a specific affiliate program bases their commission rate structure. While many networks do not have volume based commissions, ignoring this fact on a network that does use this type of commission structure can harm potential earnings for an affiliate.

One of the most popular affiliate networks in the entire world, Amazon Associates Program, utilizes a sales based commission structure. For this network, affiliates can earn higher commission rates if they are able to sell more items within a single month.

With an affiliate program like Amazon, it is very important for an affiliate to diversify the product prices that they promote to take advantage of the commission structure. Promoting cheap products encourages a higher sales volume and better commissions. When it is combined with promotions for expensive products, commissions on those particular products can be much higher than they could be with an affiliate that exclusively promotes high-priced items.

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