Choosing the right product to promote is the key to affiliate marketing success. There are millions of affiliate marketing products out there, but only a few can make you money. Some products are horrible and don’t work right at all. Another product might be great, but its landing page is bad so visitors are scared away. To succeed as an affiliate marketing, you need to find a product that’s proven to make money for its affiliates. Why promote something that nobody wants to buy?

To find that right product to promote, we’re going to use the Clickbank affiliate network. Although there are several good affiliate networks out there, Clickbank is one of the best for beginners. They have a large selection of digital products to sell, they always pay out on time, and it is easy to get accepted into the network. Unlike other affiliate networks that require you to apply to promote specific offers, Clickbank lets you promote every offer on their network immediately.

Your first step when deciding on a product to promote, is to decide a niche. The best way to do this is to brainstorm and write down 5-10 niches you think you would be interested in. When promoting a product, you will be spending a lot of time with it, so make sure the topics are something you can have fun with.

Once you have everything written down, visit the Marketplace section in your Clickbank account. Clickbank has its products separated into categories, so choose an appropriate category and do a search for each of the topics you have written down earlier. In the results, you will see a list of affiliate products that best match your search term. Underneath each product description, you will see a number of different metrics.

The most important thing to look at, is the product’s gravity score. Gravity is a Clickbank formula that tells you how many recent sales affiliates have been making with this product. If many people are making sales with this product then you should have no problems promoting this product as well. Usually I try and pick a product with a gravity score over 50. The other metric to look at is the dollars per sale. If you are going to use pay per click marketing to drive traffic to your product, then pick a payout greater than $ 30 per sale. By choosing a high enough payout, you can cover any advertising expenses and make a good profit.

Using the two criteria talked about above, note down the products that meet these criteria. Now pick the one that you would be most interested in researching about and selling. You already can tell that other affiliates are doing well with these products, so the key here is picking the product that will keep your interest so you can promote it successfully. This is the first step towards making money online.

Once you have picked your affiliate product, you’ll want to send traffic to it. A simple way to do that is through pay per click marketing and the best way to learn PPC is to join PPC Coach. It will be one of the best investments you’ll make.

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