Affiliate marketing provides businesses of all sizes with the opportunity to reach mass audiences, while never having the promotional budget outpace profits. Think about it. Others will advertise your products 24/7 through this network marketing technique. But, you only have to pay commissions when sales are closed.

Affiliate program management is not set in stone. You can choose just how much control you have over your affiliate program. However, the more control you have the more of your time you’ll spend managing it. This is why affiliate marketing networks that handle your statistics and payments are so popular.

There will be some fixed and variable costs involved in using an affiliate marketing network, but for most businesses it is worth these costs.

Also, it should be noted, if you try to run your own affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to have advanced technical skills. Even if you purchase affiliate marketing software, a programmer will be required from time to time to straighten out problems. Unless you’re a programmer or you have a large business operation, an affiliate marketing network may actually be the cheaper option.

Not all affiliate marketing networks require you to pay a fixed cost. Some of the more loosely organized networks are actually online credit card payment processors that give you the option of paying commissions to referring members. However, these types of affiliate networks don’t give you control over how your affiliates behave.

Further, you will be dealing more with small website owners and will likely have to offer higher commissions in order to achieve significant sales volume. For most merchants, the lack of control over brand image is just too much to give up. For smaller merchants, these merchant account affiliate networks can be a great way to increase brand awareness, good or bad; thus increasing sales.

When you have an affiliate marketing program, you’ll need to provide some types of support to your affiliates in order to maximize your sales. For example, you should provide advertising copy for text links and banners for graphic links.

If you really want your affiliates to promote your products, you should keep in regular contact with them. Having an affiliate newsletter is a good idea. You can send out coupons so that your affiliates can offer customers the best deals, thus increasing your affiliates’ participation in your network marketing business success. Having a newsletter is also a good way to make yourself more approachable when affiliates have support questions.

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