One of the simplest ways to earn money online is to market affiliate programs, and CPA networks can be among the most profitable. But before you can start making money as an affiliate, you have to get accepted into a network, which can be a challenge at first. We’ll therefore be sharing some effective ways to ensure that you get accepted by affiliate networks so you can start making money.

Begin With Small Networks: Since the larger networks are usually stricter, it makes sense to first try to get into smaller ones, where you have a better chance of success. Networks that are very well known will get many affiliates applying, so they will tend to be the most strict about who they approve. When you choose the smaller networks to start with, you’ll see that your application gets approved much faster and without much hassle. You might as well give it your best effort and apply to a few larger networks, as you might get accepted after all. The smaller ones, however, can be the best way to start, as you can always get into the larger ones later on. What you really want is to begin promoting offers, without spending too much time on the application process. If you waste too much time applying to networks that are difficult to get into, you could end up giving up.

Be Determined: If you really want to get started with your own successful affiliate business and promote profitable CPA offers, then you will have to be determined when applying to these networks. Some networks will probably reject your applications. But guess what? You can’t change this, so you’ll have to deal with it! If you don’t lose your determination and keep trying, you’ll eventually move forward. If you let it bother you every time you’re not accepted, you won’t get very far in this business. Rather than worry about not getting accepted, make it a point to understand why it happened; don’t be afraid to ask them, as you can learn from this. Over time, you’ll get accepted into more networks, which means more opportunities to promote offers. As you find success with one network, it will be easier to get accepted by others.

The Question of Incentivized Traffic: There are a few questions the affiliate network you’re applying to may ask you about traffic. First, they’ll probably ask you how you generate traffic; then, they may ask specifically if any of this traffic is incentivized. It’s very important that you clearly state that you never use incentivized traffic, or your application will not be approved. They want traffic that’s based on genuine interest, not incentives, as the latter is not considered good quality traffic. This is a question you’ll only have to deal with when applying to companies who specialize in CPA offers. Leads that come from people who were bribed aren’t going to be worth much to these companies. When people click on their offers, they want to be sure that it’s because of a genuine interest in the offer. You therefore have to convince the affiliate network that you’re only going to be driving traffic of the best quality to their offers.

The best way to get accepted into affiliate networks, and to successfully promote offers once you are, is to remember that affiliate marketing is not a hobby but an actual business.

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