The internet has certainly changed our panorama of communication. It has provided plenty of opportunity for industrialists to pursue business in profitable rhythm. But more importantly, it has given everyone a chance to business. In the digital marketing part, Affiliate Marketing also known as performance marketing has become one of the most significant tools for the business in the present scenario. It helps your business to grow and accomplish your business objectives very smoothly. It is a growing opportunity for advertisers.

What Research Says About the Growth of Affiliate Marketing?
“A new report finds that the perception around affiliate marketing is shifting — and advertisers and publishers alike are seeing new value in the strategy.” According to Rakuten Marketing report “which found that the market for affiliate marketing is expected to increase from $ 4.2 billion in 2015 to $ 6.8 billion in 2020.” The report also says “Affiliate marketing, once regarded more as a tool to drive consumers to the purchase event, is now viewed as a powerful channel for consumer discovery that leads to brand engagement and incremental sales at compelling ROIs”

Key Factors of Affiliate Marketing That Should Keep In Mind
a)Create a Robust Offer that Converts
Create always a robust and high converting offer that always attract affiliates. Sometimes most marketers do not irradiate in this matter, as a result they are deprived from desired profit.

b)Tracking Accuracy
There is no doubt that tracking is the most vital element while running affiliate or performance marketing. Recognition of correct affiliate is vital for payouts. The task is not easy without having accuracy. Tracking application confirms precise tracking; the lack of which can lead to numerous disputes between affiliates and advertisers. Perfect affiliate tracking application provides two types of tracking method in the system for accuracy, Cookie based and Cookie-less tracking system.

c)Real Time Report
Robust reporting tool playing a vital role while running a campaign. The different types of report always help you to understand better your online business.
Different types of Report
a)Advertiser Report.
b)Affiliate Ledger Report.
c)Impression Report
d)Click Report
e)Conversion Report
f)Affiliate Payment Report and many more.

Billing is also an important part in affiliate marketing. It is one of the unique features in SaaS based product. Invoice should be generated time to time accordingly and in following manner

i) Weekly
ii) Bimonthly
iii) Monthly
iv) Two Months
v) Quarterly

Why We Choose Adwalnut While Thinking About Affiliate Marketing?
Adwalnut, a performance marketing application which makes business quicker, healthier, convenient and profitable at an affordable cost and having worked accurately and effectively for lot of online marketers, affiliate networks and webmasters. To create and nourish a robust business we need technology. In this sphere a performance marketing application would be a true partner of your business. The latest features are
i) Based on SaaS model.
ii) White Label Software
iii) Mail Room
iv) Audit Logs
v) Alert and Threshold
vi) Real Time Report
vii) Billing
viii) Simple and robust affiliate tracking
ix) Email, chat & phone support 24*7

Adwalnut redefines affiliate marketing paradigm quite robustly. It helps networks, advertisers substantially. To know more visit us

Arnab Dutta (M.Sc (IT), B.A English, Diploma in Advanced Software Development)
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