Do you want to make a good living on the internet? If so, you can start by choosing a business model. If you already have physical products to sell, like computers, laptops, digital cameras or perhaps golf equipments, you can start by selling at eBay.

On the other hand, you can also make a good income online by promoting other people’s products. This model is known as affiliate marketing. The concept is similar to marketing agent for offline business. However, since you are on the internet, the cost is much cheaper. In fact, you can get started for free.

There are two type of affiliate marketing. The most common affiliate programs is pay-per-sale affiliate marketing. If you join pay-per-sale affiliate programs like Clickbank, Regnow or Commission Junction, you will be paid for each customer that you refer.

Which means, you need to master certain marketing skills including copywriting, email marketing and of course, traffic generation. You also need to focus on very specific keywords for both PPC or SEO campaigns. Otherwise, your traffic won’t bring you money since it didn’t convert into sales.

On the other hand, there are actually certain affiliate networks that will pay you only for sending leads to the merchants. This is known as CPA affiliate marketing. This type of program can be seen in networks such as Azoogle Ads, Neverblueads, Max Bounty and Pepperjam Network.

For CPA marketing, you don’t need to sell anything, so the sales funnel is short and less marketing skills required. Most people think that is would be easier to earn money this way. However, keep in mind that CPA networks won’t approve an affiliate easily. Normally, they will review an application manually.

There are lots of ways to drive targeted traffic and make money from affiliate programs. No matter what, the traffic must be targeted. Even though you don’t need to sell anything for CPA affiliate marketing, you still need to focus on targeted traffic. Otherwise, people won’t download the products or sign up for your offer.

There are several ways to drive targeted traffic. If you don’t want to focus much on link building or content creation, pay-per-click like Adwords or MSN Adcenter is the best option. You will receive the same quality traffic as you do with SEO.

If you are into Amazon Associates or Clickbank, product name keywords will tend to convert into money. On the other hand, if you are sending traffic to CPA offers, you can try other keywords, but it must contain at least three words. Forget targeting one word keyword like money, laptop or software.

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