An online CPA affiliate marketing system is very powerful for marketers looking to scale their paid advertising campaigns. CPA offers are different to selling affiliate products because as an affiliate you can earn money without the need for any money to exchange hands. The simple task of a customer entering in their email address into a form is often enough to earn a payout.

Here are a number of ideas for how to make the most out of your CPA affiliate marketing campaigns:

Follow Up Sequence – As you follow-up with your leads you can present a variety of CPA offers on a daily basis in addition to promoting your primary high ticket opportunities. A good way to do this is to have the focus of each email as your main opportunity but also include “adverts” or “special bonuses” throughout the page to monetize the leads that are not interested.

Free Email Submit Form – As soon as someone opts-in to your email list you can send them straight to a CPA offer where you will get paid say $ 2 to $ 5 per lead you generate. The conversions may be slightly lower since they will be entering in their email address twice in a row and you are somewhat diluting your leads doing this, but it is a quick way to get back paid advertising costs.

CPA Affiliate Networks – Another option is to join a CPA affiliate network that pays out via PayPal. You can do research on sites such as OfferVault and ODigger to find networks that offer this form of payment. However, you have to sometimes get on the phone with these companies to prove you are a serious affiliate marketer whom they will want to work with.

Offer Wall – An offer wall is where after opt-in you present the subscriber with a choice of different affiliate offers. This is a very popular technique with paid survey offers as the individual will typically work their way through the list and fill out all of the surveys. But you can also monetize it with cost per sales (CPS) products from Clickbank or other marketplaces as well as cost per lead (CPL) programs.

I hope this article has got some creative ideas floating around your mind about how you can monetize the leads that arrive into your business.

It is important to keep testing and tweaking your campaigns until you get to the stage of consistently breaking even on your paid advertising costs within a few days from your initial CPA offers alone. And then you can earn the significant money on the backend in your follow up sequence.

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