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One of the main online revenue models today is called cost-per-action or CPA, and this is a popular business model that is utilized by large companies that work hand in hand with major affiliate networks. There are many positive aspects to signing up to work with several of the major affiliate networks if you are a website owner, but regardless of whether or not you have your own website you can still get your application approved if you are a search engine marketer. When you sign up with one of the major affiliate networks such as Commission Junction you are registering to work with a company that handles online advertising for some of the largest companies in the world, and therefore you must demonstrate that you are qualified to work with and promote those companies.

An example of how a large financial company will use the services provided by a cost-per-action affiliate network would be a major credit card company that provides a number of different banner ads and other rich media advertisements, and you as an affiliate will receive a commission any time a website visitor takes a certain action after clicking on your link such as signing up for a new credit card. Because of the nature of this business model, the affiliate network itself must be cautious and discriminating when it comes to accepting new members because if an affiliate decides to promote the company in a manner that is unethical then they could damage that company’s reputation.

With this in mind, when you submit your application to an affiliate network you must provide enough personal information about yourself to appear ethical and legitimate, because the people who are reviewing applications to the network will need to make a judgment as to whether you are qualified to represent and promote their advertisers interests. Oddly enough, many times this has nothing to do with whether or not you have your own high traffic website, since many affiliate marketers choose the business model of promoting a cost-per-action campaign using only search engine marketing.

The best advice for getting your application to an affiliate network approved is to educate yourself about the company that you are applying to and make sure that you are qualified to be promoting their advertisers, and also be honest and forthcoming with all of the information that is requested of you in the application. If you can meet the qualifications set forth by the affiliate network and you can carefully read and understand their terms and conditions when it comes to working with them and representing their advertisers interests, your application should be approved and you can begin your new affiliate marketing campaign.

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