If affiliate marketing had a higher success rate we would not need to go back to the basics periodically. However, even professional athletes go to training camp every year before the start of the season. With that in mind let’s go back and analyze some basic information you should know to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

1. 5 Ways to make money in affiliate marketing. What makes this such a great business model is the different ways that you can make money.

The five ways are pay per click, pay per lead (or cost per action), pay per sale, two-tier affiliate marketing, and starting your own affiliate program. Many affiliate marketers do all of these to earn solid six and even seven figure incomes. If you are not seeing the big picture you are not really understanding affiliate marketing.

2. Affiliate networks. Many companies that offer an affiliate program use an affiliate network to manage it for them.

You see this commonly in cost per action programs. Offer Vault is a very good site to go to find numerous CPA affiliate networks.

ClickBank is another popular affiliate network. With one ID number you will have access to thousands of digital information products to sell.

ClickBank is also a good source for a company to manage your affiliate program for you. Creating digital information products or membership sites that need affiliates to sell them is easily done when you go to ClickBank.

Google Adsense is the only real game in town for pay per click income. They pay out close to $ 1 billion a year in commissions so you know it works!

3. You make money performing an action. The primary thing you do for an affiliate merchant is drive traffic to the products and programs you want to promote. Learning how to generate traffic on the Internet is the most important thing you will ever do!

4. Build your own website. The most successful affiliate marketers do not rely strictly on the affiliate merchant website. Developing websites of your own that you can customize and rank on search engines is an important part of affiliate marketing success.

5. Email marketing. Building a list of subscribers to promote your affiliate offers to is a good long term asset to have. This can be done regardless of the niche your affiliate products are in.

These are some of the basics of affiliate marketing. It’s a great business model to make money in and people are doing it all around the world!

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