All of us Affiliate Marketers are constantly looking for that golden key software that will make our lives a little easier and apparently Affiliate Elite is supposed to be that software. Really the possibilities are endless with this software and like its predecessors has created quite a stir; This program in particular boasts to help millions of people make millions of dollars almost instantly.

This kind of marketing is a frequent favorite amongst business individuals and there’s spectacular records of the amount of money it’s helped create and regenerate. In fact ongoing trends denote that this kind of marketing will surely be the key to producing a very noteworthy percentage of the money that’s made on the Internet in the years to come. Affiliate Elite helps people find Merchant IDs on top web page’s, find their consorts, their contact data and get on with your own business enterprise.

The market is conductive as well as volatile. People who buy affiliate elite now are positive to profligate in the money. Its easy, its competitive and its a outstanding business online. Competition is optimum and there is too many takers. This is the ideal frame-up for a new start. So if you need to get started and have a leading edge over millions of others, Affiliate Elite is the right tool.

With the help of this program, you can employ marketing to your vantage, and start a new and stimulating income origin. This program is being made acquirable to help you in converting your universe. It has choice projects that benefit the various aspects of marketing and its various niches.

Here are just a few of the features you have to look forward to regarding this software:

1. Project #1 – Discover Profitable Affiliate Products To Campaign
Immediately acquire full access to the entire Click bank and Pay Dot Comp database, with accurate and complete statistics for you to pick the right move.

2. Project #2 – Reverse Google Search
Just type in your contenders link URL and the software will reveal their intimately guarded keyword lists being used in their AdWords campaign, and the keywords that are placed in organic search results.

3. Project #3 – Analyzing Google AdWords Rivalry
Quickly import your new found and best keyword list and run this project. You will be amazed as this software searches all the advertisers, reveals all their ads and landing pages for every last keyword you request.

4. Project #4 – Find Super Affiliates
Merely plug-in the Merchant IDs of the established Internet sites acquired in Project #1 in your niche, and watch as they disclose all their associates, with their all their personalized contact info!

I have also heard of these few programs being discussed between people as well. Personally I haven’t tried them out so I cant say if they are good or not but you can have a look if you would like to know more. You can also do yourself a favor and search for reviews on these programs as well:

Link Trust –
In the world of online marketing, most companies advertise through banners, email newsletters, website links, search engines and more. But what you may not know is that every time you click on an advertisement, you start a chain of events that need to be tracked, analyzed, reported and ultimately take you to an advertisers website.

It takes very sophisticated tracking systems to sort out all the statistics of where traffic is coming from, where it’s going to and who gets paid for it. Now add to this the need to also capture leads from websites and distribute those leads in real-time to companies who buy and process them. It’s a daunting task usually handled by many companies and tracking systems working in concert.

Post Affiliate Pro 4 –
In a nutshell PAP runs your affiliate program from top to bottom with the exception of the actual processing of the financial transactions (PAP can be integrated with most of the payment processors and shopping carts).

If you want to start your own affiliate program, and you want to reward your affiliates for referred sales, leads or clicks, PAP is the right tool for you. It is intuitive, fast and effective, and endlessly extendable, so it can grow with you. PAP will automate your whole affiliate program. It will help you recruit and manage your affiliates, give them a selection of marketing and promotional tools to promote your business, track their referrals and commissions, keep track of payouts, and much more.

Any merchant or business who wants to start his/her own affiliate program. Managing and tracking your affiliates in PAP is easy and simple with PAP automatizing most of the tasks. Your affiliate program = More Traffic, More Sales and Better Search Engine Ranking. Affiliate marketing is very effective solution, because you pay per performance. Instead of paying for advertising, merchants using affiliate program pay commissions only when promotion results in an actual sale.

AllAffiliatePro v4.5 –
Providing affiliate marketing solutions from simple one site affiliate programs, to large 20+ site private affiliate networks. With 4 service levels bronze, silver, gold and platinum they cater for full service corporate requirements and cost cutting small business needs.

Whether your looking for an in house software solution, or a managed hosted solution. AllAffiliatePro v4.5 affiliate software brings a huge leap forward in private affiliate program design with the latest market leading features. AllAffiliatePro can track orders in multiple currencies and have them converted into your base currency.

Perfect if you have multiple sites or if your site sells in multiple currencies. Multi Level Marketing, Scaled Recurring commissions, Extra link popularity options, Deep page linking, True Multi site with individual commission rates, Bonus system, Scaled commissions – Bonus style, Individual affiliate commission rates, Offline Affiliate Tracking and SO much more!

Affiliate Wiz –
Affiliate Wiz is ASP affiliate tracking software and affiliate marketing software for managing an affiliate marketing program. Associate programs are one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your site while rewarding your affiliates for their participation. You provide your affiliates with a special link to your site, whether it is a text link or image or even a picture of your product.

The affiliate displays your link on their site and then you sit back and watch visitors start traveling to your site. You then reward your affiliates for sending traffic your way. Affiliate tracking software will help increase your web sites traffic volume raising sales. You can reward your affiliates on a per sale, per click, or per lead basis. You can even customize the commission schedule for individual affiliates.

Affiliate Wiz was developed exclusively for use on Windows servers running the net 2.0 framework and is written in ASP net/VB net. The software was developed with flexibility in mind and can link to most any e-commerce system.

This author is a HUGE fan of Affiliate Elite
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