In this highly competitive market, when companies are continuously engaged in promoting their products and services by exploring new methods of marketing and promotion, affiliate marketing has emerged as a important channel to market providing effective marketing solutions and exceptional outcomes.

Affiliate marketing is basically a symbiotic relationship between the merchant and the affiliates in which both of them get benefited. This is totally a performance-based marketing that works on commission basis, where the affiliates are rewarded by the business for each visitor driven by the affiliate on the advertisement.

Affiliate marketing in itself has broader aspects with various concepts of promotion and revenue generation indulged in it. Concepts of CPC, PPC, EPC, CPL and lots more have made this form of marketing a well established and adapted form of promoting in the current market regime. Another important concept of affiliate marketing that is popular these days is CPA or Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. CPA is more based on performance in which the commission is provided only on qualifying actions like lead, registration or sale.

As a part of CPA affiliate program, the affiliate networks are utilizing the idea of CPA for revenue generation where the desired action to be performed is determined by the advertiser or the merchant for which the payment is to be made with the rising popularity of affiliate marketing, number of CPA Networks in India has evolved that are engaged to bring the advertisers and the publishers on a single platform, which is beneficial for both symbiotically through the means of advertisement.

CPA Affiliate Networks has widened the arena of promoting their diversified range of products and services beyond any geographical restriction making a global reach for your advertisement. Moreover, you need not to put extra effort and waste time in marketing activities with publishers which help you focus more towards other organizational activities.

In addition to that, adopting affiliate marketing creates additional income for both merchants and websites easily without making huge expenditure. In addition to that, affiliates create high search engine listings and display your ads on their website providing you a free brand exposure for your products and services for maximum benefits.

Moreover, absolute transparency in the process for return on investment and ability to track origin of sales are the key features that has made affiliate marketing dominant over the traditional form of marketing in recent days.

Fivelead provides an excellent platform to the companies to promote their product and services with our CPA affiliate program under CPA affiliate marketing enabling them to generate large amount of revenue with increased sales volume.
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